DC.SA out; SG eSports and Infamous to square off for final place in PGL Open Bucharest

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 06 October 2017 14:15

SG eSports and Infamous Gaming will lock horns in a replacement match for the South American qualifier spot in PGL Open Bucharest Minor event.

When Digital Chaos.SA qualified for PGL Open Bucharest they had clinched the organization's first spot in the new ProCircuit Major/Minor system. The newly added sister team showed promise and talent from two of the region's best countries - Brazil and Peru.

Merely weeks later, only days ago, Digital Chaos.SA had suffered a hard hitting blow when the two players from Brazil - William "hFn" Medeiros  and Danylo "KINGRD" Nascimento announced they had departed from the organization and would be playing under a new banner. Their split came within 24 hours of the roster lock, leaving Digital Chaos.SA with only three players. Unable to secure another two for their lineup, the team was left hanging.

Originally it was assumed that the team would suffer consequences in the form of point deductions if they were to place in the top 4 - having to use two substitutes for the match. However, PGL has decided that the team will be replaced instead, holding a replacement match for the final spot.

Digital Chaos.SA had wiped out Infamous 2:0 in the grand finals of the PGL Bucharest Open SA qualifiers. The Peruvian team will face the Brazilian powerhouse - SG eSports who have already clinched four spots in the ProCircuit Major/Minor events for the next two months. SG had fallen to Digital Chaos.SA 2:1 in the semifinals.

The match between these two is expected to be a best-of-three format, but the date has not yet been decided. Infamous will fight for their first LAN competition of the season while SG eSports look to become the first team to make an appearance in all five of the Major/Minor events to be held October thru November.

As for Digital Chaos.SA, no official word has been provided if the team has disbanded or will continue to look to round up their roster in the upcoming weeks.

PGL Open Bucharest is the second minor of the Pro Circuit, boasting a $300,000 prize pool and 300 Circuit points which count towards The International 2018 direct invites. The event will kick off on October 19th with a GSL group stage featuring eight teams followed by a single elimination bracket that only four teams will compete in.


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