PGL Open Bucharest

PGL Open Bucharest

General Information

Prize pool - $300,000 USD
1. $130,000 USD
2. $65,000 USD
3-4. $30,000 USD
5-6. $15,000 USD
7-8. $7,500 USD

Participating teams:

United States.gif Evil Geniuses China.gif LGD Gaming
Europe.gif Team Secret CIS.gif Natus Vincere
United States.gif Immortals Peru.gif Infamous
160-1503066570.png Mineski China.gif Vici Gaming J Thunder

-- Main Tournament - October 19th

-- Two GSL groups
-- 8 teams
-- the top two from each group will be advanced to next round
-- Playoffs - single elimination bracket
-- All matches BO3

-- Status: Live

-- Location: Romania, Bucharest Romania.gif

- Regional Qualifiers

- Europe - Start Date: September 18
-- HellRaisers, Team Kinguin, mousesports, OG, Team Secret, Tuho, 10 Rounds, SFTe-sports

- CIS - Start Date: September 18
-- Double Dimension, M19, Natus Vincere, Team Empire, Vega Squadron,, Team Spirit, Effect

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Is the new Mineski similar to The Alliance of old times?

With Mineski rising to the top as the season accelerates, one can't help but notice a similarity between them and the old Alliance.

Infamous-P4pita interview: “I knew I had to move from Argentina for shot at a professional career”

Mariano "P4pita" Caneda is the first Argentinian player to make a break out into the Dota 2 professional scene and despite his very green career, he has a few things to brag about already.

Xboct interview: "Coaching is something that I really needed to happen in my life"

Day one at PGL Open Bucharest was a practice day for Na’Vi, perfect time for us to kidnap their coach for a chat about his new role with the team he won an International with.

ProCircuit Frontrunners – The race for TI8 points

For the first time, The International invites will be determined by qualifying points the teams accrue during the year leading up to the mother-of-all Dota 2 events.

News for PGL Open Bucharest

Mineski take down LGD and claim the PGL Open Bucharest title

Mineski claim victory at the PGL Open Bucharest, easily sweeping through LGD Gaming in the Grand Finals.

Evil Geniuses advance to playoffs, VGJ.Thunder eliminated from PGL Open Bucharest

Evil Geniuses have advanced to the playoffs, eliminating VGJ.Thunder in the process at PGL Open Bucharest.

Immortals advance into the PGL Open Bucharest playoffs

After an exciting three-game series, Immortals triumphed over Team Secret, eliminating them from PGL Open Bucharest.

VGJ Thunder eliminate Na'Vi from PGL Open Bucharest

Na’Vi find themselves eliminated from PGL Open Bucharest after VGJ Thunder take them down 2-1.

Infamous is the first team eliminated from PGL Open Bucharest

Infamous was eliminated by Team Secret in a clean 2:0 sweep. The Peruvian based team is the first to be eliminated from PGL Open Bucharest.

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Round 1


Round 2


Group Stage - Group A

Group A

Team Played Wins Losses
LGD 2 2 0
Immortals 3 2 1
Secret 3 1 2
Infamous 2 0 2
LGD vs Infamous 2 – 0
Team Secret vs Immortals 0 – 2
LGD vs Immortals 2 – 1
Infamous vs Team Secret 0 – 2
Immortals vs Team Secret 2 – 1

Group Stage - Group B

Group B

Team Played Wins Losses
Mineski 2 2 0
EG 3 2 1
VGJ.T 3 1 2
Na`Vi 2 0 2
Evil Geniuses vs Vici Gaming J Thunder 2 – 1
Natus Vincere vs Mineski 1 – 2
Evil Geniuses vs Mineski 0 – 2
Vici Gaming J Thunder vs Natus Vincere 2 – 1
Evil Geniuses vs Vici Gaming J Thunder 2 – 0

South America Replacement Match

Europe - Playoffs

CIS Playoffs

North America Playoffs

NA Group Stage - Group A

NA Group Stage - Group B

EU Group Stage - Group A

EU Group Stage - Group B

CIS Group Stage - Group A

CIS Group Stage - Group B

China Main Qualifiers

Main Qualifier - SA Playoffs

Main Qualifier - SA Group Stage

Main Qualifier - SEA Playoffs

Main Qualifier - SEA Group Stage

Upcoming matches - PGL Open Bucharest


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