Hours before rosters lock Digital Chaos.SA down to three

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 03 October 2017 10:45

Photo courtesy of PGL

In the last hours before the first roster of the new ProCircuit season, Digital Chaos.SA is down to three as KINGRD and hFn part ways with the organization.

The first of the two expected roster lock and player transfer windows is set to close tonight, October 3rd at 17:00 PDT. At that time the registered teams will be finalized for the upcoming season as the teams aim to gain the full amount of qualifying points per each Major/Minor in the new system towards TI8.

In the last hours, both Brazilian players, William "hFn" Medeiros and Danylo "KINGRD" Nascimento have announced they would be leaving the three Peruvian players that rounded out Digital Chaos' new venture into the Southern region. According to KINGRD's facebook post, the two have secured an offer from a Brazilian team and sponsor and will continue to play for the new season. For the Peruvians, the future hasn't been revealed as more promising, or at all for that matter. With no official news coming from the organization, fans will be waiting to hear some developments in the upcoming hours.

The change in roster comes with consequences regardless of the new lineup. According to Valve's ProCircuit Qualifying points system FAQ:

Can a team play with subs?

Yes, though it may incur a penalty on points earned. It works as follows:

  • If you play with at least 4 of your registered players in the Qualifier and all 5 of your registered players in the LAN portion of the event, there is no penalty.
  • If you play with at least 4 of your registered players in the Qualifier and use a sub for the LAN portion of the event, the main players will earn 75% points and the sub will earn 50% points.
  • In all other cases, all players earn 25% points.


Digital Chaos.SA had already secured their place at PGL Open Bucharest Minor coming up in two weeks - October 19th. Teams will be competing for the $300,000 prize pool and 300 qualifying points.

If Digital Chaos.SA were to earn points by placing in the top 4, we could see the first deduction of points - although it does seem to be more complicated due to various circumstances including registration taking place after qualifiers for the first wave.

Digital Chaos.SA current roster:

Peru Leonardo "LeoStyle-" Sifuentes
Peru Renato "Kingteka" Garcia
Peru Farith "Matthew" Puente


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