Team Liquid, Immortals among the prime cut teams in Midas Mode

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 02 October 2017 20:15

Midas Mode by MoonduckTV is bursting with premier teams including TI7 champions, Team Liquid and the Korean overlords, Immortals. 

When Midas Mode announced one month ago that OG and Evil Geniuses would be participating in their highly anticipated event, fans were sure the two star teams would be the headliners. With the release of all eight teams to compete, the lineup reveals that the entire list is nothing less than Grade A premier class.

Four teams from North America - Evil Geniuses, Immortals, Digital Chaos and OpTic Gaming and four teams from Europe - OG, Team Liquid, Na'Vi and MidorFeed will come together for the unconventional tournament mode taking place November 18-28th. The event will overlap with the Perfect World Masters Minor, which doesn't pose a problem as none of these teams are heading out to China.

Still few details have been revealed, but at the time of the original announcement, the idea was to create a new tournament mode with a market system using MoonBucks, distributed to each team to be used to draft, ban heroes or pause the game. 

When a team runs out of their money, a ‘hard mode’ will be enabled – allowing only the ‘worst heroes’ to be selected and no bans or pauses will be permitted.

A Bounty System will be put into place for teams to earn money back through community challenges – such as playing a game with Techies, killing Roshan but leaving the Aegis, and selecting only flying heroes.

The price is expected to fluctuate from game to game creating a market system based on supply and demand as well as finding a balanced economy.


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