Na'Vi drops European members, Biver and Pajkatt

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

In the second of the promised announcements from Na'Vi this week, the Ukrainian organization has revealed separation from Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille and Malthe “Biver” Winther.

The two Europeans on the team were recruited in December 2016 as the organization tried to a new recipe in hopes of success. Traditionally the club had always remained purely comprised of CIS players, but in the aftermath of bumpy results and missing out on the Boston Major, it was time to make changes.

The new composition continued to struggle to find notable achievements, although glimpses of hope shined through periodically.  The team looked to have found their form in around March with a strong performance in the Kiev Major CIS qualifier sliding into second place but it wasn't enough and Roman "rmN-" Paley was replaced by Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev. Things were thought to be improving when in May the revamped lineup ended up seizing the Dota Summit 7 spot, and narrowly missing the EPICENTER 2017 placement.

As fate would have it, the team was given a second shot at EPICENTER Moscow 2017 when they easily secured the redemption vote to find themselves at the LAN event in June. Unfortunately, the team's success in qualifiers was not able to translate to achievements at LANs and the mix took a disappointing 9-10th place at EPICENTER and 5-6th at Summit 7.

Rounding out the year, Na'Vi was unable to progress past the group stage for The International 2017 CIS qualifiers and the organization will be missing out on attending for the first time since the start of the Internationals in 2011 - the year the legendary team took the first championship title.

Unfortunately, the past year saw the team struggling to find a common ground on some of their game-related problems, which resulted in them being unable to qualify for The International 2017 and several other events.

Only a day ago it was announced that Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich had made a triumphant return to Na'vi after almost two years as the Dota 2 team coach.

The organization is currently trying out new members and keeping options open. The announcement implies the three remaining CIS players will continue with the team. The new roster is expected to be finalized after the conclusion of The International 2017 in August.

Current Na'Vi Roster:

Ukraine Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin
Ukraine Viktor 'GeneRaL' Nigrini
Russia Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev


Will the new Na'Vi roster return to a full CIS lineup?

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  • Jordan "Salari" Salari ,
    Just like when Puppey and Kuro were kicked, blame the players that aren't from CIS, that'll fix everything... Navi have a severe leadership problem, it was hard to watch them play in recent months, but I highly doubt this is a solution to their problem
    • "Booncz" ,
      well the leader was Pajkatt, so if there's is a leadership problem as you said...then kicking him is not the worst idea...
    • Kamil "serans" Pałka ,
      It's simple decision - XBOCT as coach means that they want to make full russian speaking squad. That probably wont help, because in my opinion, as long as Dendi is in the team, NaVi wont comeback to the old glory. He needs to move on already, just like Loda did.
  • Eric "Tktoast" St-Jacques ,
    Dendi isn't the problem. Replacing Puppey, Kuro and Xboct ain't easy. Xboct playstyle was perfect for Na'vi style. Puppey + Kuro duo was number 1 duo. Replacing Funnik with General, is pretty even. Na'vi need to start looking outside the CIS region and pick up an Allstar Carry, RESOLUTION.
    • Bob "BobTrollinski" Trollinski ,
      Honestly, I can't agree with you in that one. For someone who has been watching Navi play since 2012 and I have been a big fan of them. But watching them for the last few years has been painful. Event time I think they might have success, it never happens. And soon, I came to realize that it was the organizations fault. Every time they do bad or fail to qualify for a major tournament, the people who get kicked are the European ones, never Dendi. Even when they dropped their whole team, Dendi still was the first back on the roster. The organization just fails to recognize that Dendi, his prime, and his play style don't work and are one in the past. Puppey realized this way back at around TI4 but the organization instead of telling Dendi to move to you know, streaming under the organization, kept him and which prompted Puppey and Kuro to leave the organization. And looking at the past few months with Pajkatt and Biver, I can say that while Biver might be replaceable, Pajkatt was the only consistent player actually on Navi. Dendi is the major problem. He is the golden boy of Navi and the face of the organization honestly. But that doesn't mean he is up to talent with the rising stars of dota today, especially in the mid lane. If Navi realizes this and move Dendi to a streamer role or a lesser role where he doesn't actually play, but allow in new talent and people more suited to the new patches and playstyle of dota, we might see Navi at TI once again
      • david "CiX" hess ,
        if navi aims for titles and top3 finishes at big tournaments, i cant see dendi winning vs the superstars like sumail, miracle, midone, noone etc. those players deliver pretty much everygame, while the todays dendi just isnt comparable to those players for quite some time now. id really like to see a big and strong navi with their face, dondo again, and hope he will get his shit together and find his confidence in the midlane back. watching him today feels like hes somewhat broken, a shadow from his former self. if he somehow manages to recover, navi would surely be a huge step farther. but as it is now, i dont see much hope for navi either, the kicking of biver and pajkatt seems just like scapegoating to me.
      • Eric "Tktoast" St-Jacques ,
        I don't disagree. I think Dendi is to blame as well. Since the departure of Puppey, KKy and Xboct he hasn't been the same. I think he needs a spark lit under him to pick him back up. It's the same for many professional athletes in all sports. Some players and teams play on the same level as their opponent or team mates. They either sink down to that level or they rise to a higher level. A change should be in order for all of Navi and a position change could be best. Like I posted lower. Carry = Resolution , Mid = Weehaa, Offlane = General, 4th = Dendi, 5th = Sonneiko.
  • bacikuk "bacikuk" bacikuk ,
    I don't think Dendi is the problem although I agree that Dendi should play position 4. I've seen a couple of games where he plays a position 4 Pudge and he succeeds. His playstyle, even though its a bit old-school, has always been unorthodox which makes him always a unique player. Anyway, i would suggest Dendi plays a position 4, and get a couple of proven players. In any case, i feel sorry for Biver because i really think he is a good player. I think the main reason why they kicked Biver out is because they want to go with all CIS players to overcome the communication issues. Have to say that their teamplay is so bad and I think communication is the main reason (especially General whose English is so so so so so bad)
    • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
      " a couple of games where he plays a position 4 Pudge" won't prove anything. 1. It's just a couple of games 2. Only Pudge. @BobTrollinski provided solid points you guys should read his comment carefully. Dendi is the problem, however not the only one. There are many things that are together crippling Navi. The most crucial one is a formidable captain which Na`vi lacks. The second one is that Navi manager staff should really stay out of the way, they have absolutely zero knowledge of the game (and zero love or dedication, except money) yet they try to control everything from players' tasks to roster changes. Xboct is just a puppet. Third one, once they have an ok captain (with Xboct NOT as the coach) and the managers' filthy hands out of the team, they should put Dendi to rest as a streamer and let the young talents shine. CIS doesn't lack talents, but some CIS teams only rely on old faces, always being comfortable with a team full of "old and outdated stars".Just think about it, there are ofc better CIS mid laners that can or could have replaced Dendi, but Navi just drown them down only to keep Dendi floating. Why? For what? for Winning tournaments and securing Navi's future or just an old star keeping the cis fans fed despite early losing tournaments, and then end with typical Navi's excuse like "Navi just unlucky" to keep selling Navi T-shirt with Dendi face as logo??! Mid lane is not a joke. If mid laner get destroyed at mid that means enemy mid will dominate the whole early game, putting pressure on all lanes with rotations/pushing. If mid laner doesnt get destroyed but he requires too much team resources, like support babysit, defensive wards, defensive tps, etc... other lanes will be crippled and space for enemy offlaner and hard carry will be created. Supports' effective area will be seized and it will be a gamble with their life as cost to put just a ward somewhere, since they spend most of their time watching over their babies -> map control lost -> feed will happen more often/less jungle stacking attempts/more enemy successful split-push/XPM and GPM race = lost -> finally much more chance to lose a 5v5 incoming fight. Then by the time our legendary mid laner comes online, he will face 1 vs 3 against enemy mid, offlane and carry who also come online. While his teammate carry and offlane are still completing their boots! And then they get kicked for letting our legendary player carry alone! Not joking just watch Navi recent TI 7 qualification you will see.
      • bacikuk "bacikuk" bacikuk ,
        I mean that was an example. I think about a week ago he played a support rubick and some other supports as well and he played really well too. Although his support is the type that likes to roam around, making plays here and there. But when he plays a full support role (i forgot what hero he used when I watched it), i admit that he sucks really bad. Bad warding and he tends to keep fighting with such a weak hero. Navi indeed have to get make some changes. Getting Resolution will be ideal for them (I might be a bit biased here because Reso is my favourite player). Put Dendi as a 4th player, and get a proven mid player. Anw, i'm not really a Navi fangay (YET) since i support OG and ex-Planet ODD (purely because of Resolution). Well, if Reso ends up in Navi, then I might start becoming a Navi fans. LOL


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