XBOCT returns to Na'Vi as coach

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich has made a triumphant return to Na'vi after almost two years - this time as the Dota 2 team coach.

In the first of two highly anticipated announcements, Na'Vi has revealed the long awaited reunion of XBOCT and Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. The two legendary Ukrainians had a five year tenure playing together in the black and yellow colors under the Na'Vi banner. 

Aside from the technical understanding of the game, we are convinced that the right person for the coach position is the one who is keen to share the team’s vision and values. In this regard, Alexander is a perfect candidate, and we believe that he has a profound comprehension of what the team needs to get back on top of the competitive Dota 2. During his five-year tenure with Natus Vincere, Alexander accomplished his most notable achievements, including the victory at the first International and multiple lower-scale world championships. Following his departure, he has also made several appearances on the analysts’ panel, where he always received a warm welcome.

Vivacious and humorous, XBOCT and Dendi had become the very life and soul, the face of Natus Vincere Dota 2. Together they put Na'Vi on the map as one of the most prominent organizations in the scene, had become highly decorated world class players and took the first championship title for The Internationals in 2011. The team later took 2nd place at TI2, TI3 and 7-8th at TI4.

A string of subpar performances and a disappointing 14th place finish at TI5 would mark the beginning of the end. But October 2015 would define the actual end of an era when the organization temporarily dissolved the entire roster, bringing to a close the closely knit relationship tied together on the only team they competed for at that point. Fans around the world wept and a hole was left in the storylines of dynamic duos.

Only four days later it was revealed the team would be rebuilt around Dendi, leaving XBOCT on the outside looking to find his footing on a journey alone.

Following his departure, XBOCT found himself bouncing around from team to team including Team Empire, Fantastic Five and Team Spirit before pulling away from the competitive play to make the shift into the Russian broadcast panels for bigger events. Eight months later he returned from his hiatus on the playing field to built up the new Dota 2 division Cyber Anji created by the Russian Premier League football organization FC Anji in March 2017. His stint lasted just over two months before he parted ways with the organization with little to no achievements to show for his time and efforts.

At the time XBOCT had said:

I decided to leave on my own. I did not find enough motivation to play, to deal with errors. All I was 6 years ago, I did not want to repeat again. Probably to get something, I needed two old-school player who I trust, and two newcomers, that would be suitable to work with enthusiasm. In this team I could not find a common language with anybody. In addition to the game, I could not communicate with anyone really, people or were reticent, and I just was not on their wavelength. I decided to give them the opportunity to continue your journey without me. They are ambitious, want to win, why should I interfere.

Two months later the entire project was sidelined after continued disappointing results and on the heels of alleged conflicts between the players and organization regarding delayed payments, lack of support and undelivered promises. 

XBOCT's splash back into the pond as a lifeline for Na'Vi is a welcome relief for many of the loyal black and yellow die-hards around the world. Na'Vi's struggles to keep their head afloat for the last two years have had a damaging impact on their place in the competitive scene. The organization took 13-16th place at TI6 and then completely missed the boat for The International 2017.

Big changes were expected and confirmed by management just days ago citing roster changes and bringing a new coach on board.

I’m really exhilarated to return to Na`Vi, especially as a coach. I believe I’ll be able to help the team in a meaningful way. Together, we’ll show everyone what Na`Vi are made of! I thank the organization for their trust

Fans will need to wait until after The International 2017 to find out what other changes in the lineup will be made.


Will XBOCT be able to lead the team to success in the upcoming year?

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