Team Secret receive fourth direct invite to the Manila Masters

Dota 2 Muhammad “TheHague” Ammar

After qualifiying for Kiev Major, Team Secret join OG, Evil Geniuses and Newbee as the direct invites to the Manila Masters.

Having just won the tough European qualifiers for the Kiev Major, Team Secret received a direct invite to the Manila Masters. The $250,000 tournament, which is to be held in SM Mall of Asia Arena from May 26 - May 28 will feature the top teams from around the world battling it out for domination and a potential slot for a direct invite to the biggest tournament of the year - The International 2017. 

Team Secret is looking to get off to a hot start this year. After struggling to complete their roster, they might have finally found the right combination with Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann in the offlane. The roster was able to convincingly claim the ROG Masters in Malaysia in November, and just recently qualified for the Kiev Major in what was arguably the toughest region with only one spot in the Major. It may be of interest to note that Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov has been largely unsuccessful in his last two skirmishes in Manila. With a virtually last place position at the Manila Major and a 5-6th position out of eight competing teams in ESL One Manila, Puppey might be eyeing first place with his new international roster which includes SEA's own Zheng 'MidOne' Yeik Nai and native Korean Pyo "MP" No-a.

The Chinese qualifiers as well as the special Filipino qualifiers for the event kick off this Saturday. The third region to feature qualifiers for the Manila Masters, as well as the last direct invite remains unannounced and will be updated on Manila Master's Facebook and Twitter pages.

source: themasters.gg


Do you think it was a good decision to invite Team Secret to the Manila Masters?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • art "loveless_act_1" ART ,
    MP is Korean btw.
    • Muhammad "TheHague" Ammar ,
      He has Phillipines nationality I think. All websites display his home country as both Korea and Phillipines.
  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    GG no Liquid....
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Put the Drama about Puppey and Secret aside for a second, i think this Team doesnt get enough praise/respect! From my Point of View, i think MidOne is a phaenomenal player - up there among the top 5 mids of today. He has been nothing short of mindblwing for quite while now. MP on the other hand started comparably weak - but has improved steadily and is in a very good form aswell. Similar thingsd can be said about Khezu - he is improving a lot! I dont like or trust puppey, but i hope that whatever drama there was is a thing of the past and it will be about dota now. This is a team that can and will cause some major upsets and even though they might not be considered a tier 1 team, they have what it take to go the distance!
    • Re "Rebooted" Booted ,
      I agree. Though to be honest I don't like MP that much. I admit that he usually has some amazing plays, but he's often over zealous when the team is winning and makes bad decision, leading to multiple deaths feeding the opponents with lots of gold and exp. He lacks the discipline play when winning.
    • Balázs "thorm" Erdélyi ,
      i agree too. they are getting stronger, which is for me as a puppey/team secret fan i am very happy about it. they were very dominant in the qualifiers, still i think its way too early for them to get this invite.
    • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
      Sadly MidOne is wasting his time in Secret tbh, he may bury his career there. Puppey is not Puppey that I knew, just some guy with easy and boring draft. Mp is really a weak professional carry player. Pie is still good at support, but he's just one support (he's even a position 5), and for any support player, the captain, the draft and the performance of their carry player really play a good part in their own performance. A team with an average carry but with good captain and drafting ability just need a support with a higher than average and stable performance to win often. Now Puppey seems to focus on grabbing money than playing, MP's just playing around his team, he can never make any outburst . Korean tends to play tight with their team strategy, not making smart plays or individual decision like teams such as EG, Liquid, etc ... just like how chinese play. That proved to be a strong playstyle but it won't get far as it keeps players from developing themselves if they just depend on each other most of the time. MidOne stands out as a very potential core player: good mechanical skill like RTZ (except micro management), good skillshot skills (his Miranna is impressive), able to make smart moves and big decision just like Sumail, able to withstand high pressure (unlike Miracle). But he's just wasting his youth in Secret. Shame.
      • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
        I only parttly agree with you here: Puppeys drafts ... im honest, i think the new patch (7.00 and onwards) is still so new and there is yet so much to be discovered - from what i have seen, there is still a lot of randomness and every team, including the big ones like EG and Liquid makes frequent drafting mistakes. I did like some of Puppeys drafts a lot, like the way they utilzed Terrorblade, for example, but there is room to improve ofc.- a lot of room! On the matter of Pie - i never really was impressed by this guy and his play, until i realized, he is about 8.6K mmr on a position 5 support - i know, numbers arent anything, but i still find that to be damn impressive and it changed my view on him a lot! On the matter of MP - it is hard to judge - i can see where you are coming from and i agree to the extend that he plays a somewhat traditionell type of carry and looks mediocre at times. On the other hand though, isnt that how the carry is played these days? I honestly feel it is the position that has about the least playmaking potential, maybe even less than a hard position 5. Its mid/pos 3 + 4 where the action is these days! But i agree that there is defnitly something missing from secret if yxou compare them to the tier 1 teams. Lets just hope the time in secret doesnt burn out midone. I absolutly agree about the SuMail comparison, dont wanna say they have the same playstyle, but if there is anyone i would compare MidOne to, it would be SuMail. A player hard to be compared to though - if i would be the one to make a dream team, without a doubt i would take SuMail mid over Miracle or anyone else on any given day!
        • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
          Well said, I admit I presumed a bit too much about Puppey. I was really a fan to him even with the recent dramas. However Secret's performance went down in tandemn with the drama at the same time-> the disappointment went up to a point . Hopefully Secret can return to their prime. Pie's legit, he's not decisive as Cr1t or Fear, not the type of support-leader like Fly, Puppey, he's not as active as Sonneiko, but he has all of those traits, also anything need to be done on the map he done it well, like warding at the right place etc. Also his usage of skill is somewhat more carefully than those above. He's careful and made few mistakes. I daresay it's how support should be played. Pie's downside are his dependency on Puppey, and also his limited pool of heroes. For MP, I still hold my opinion on him. He's not the type of players who will develop further more. For carries that can make play I can name Resolution, even Mamtubaman. You are right at carries should stay back and play carefully rather than being the keys, but just for early to pre-mid game. Late game depends heavily on carries and their decisions. They will just tend to play around their team at such pressing time but personal decisions are something that no one can avoid. Sadly MP's weak when it comes to making hard decisions. Recently, MidOne passed Miracle and became the highest MMR player atm. I knew I was right about him. He has everything required to be a few best players, especially his spirit. The guy is tough, I saw him trying to save Secret in obvious lost games countless times, and even so he made himself a dangerous foe to the winning team, even 1 vs 5. He never gives up.
          • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
            Isnt that why we all love Sports and E-Sports - the rollercoaster ride of emotion?! :-) Puppey is a big asshole in my opinion, but a damn smart one and i think he is also a man that is driven by a lot of determintation - dont give up on him and his team. Afterall, he made this incredible decision to get MidOne under his tag! There are so many talented players in the scene, but finding one that has huge talent and determination is very rare. Like you describe, giving 120% in a loosing game, thats the spirit that makes champions and MidOne prooved time and time again that he is willing to do just that and commit! Well deserved that he is also #1 on the MMR leaderboards! Thats why i love Dota, so many good games, but also, so many great personalitys. Majors going to be a blast again!


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