BurNIng will attend the Boston Major with iG.V

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Enlisting the help of two players from the main iG squad, iG.V has managed to complete their roster for the Boston Major after losing two players to visa issues.

iG.V has completed their Boston Major roster by bringing in Xu 'BurNIng' Zhi Lei and Zhang 'Q' Yi in place of Gao 'Dogf1ghts' Tian Peng and Su 'Super' Peng after the two support players had their visa applications denied. Both BurNIng and Q are part of the iG main squad which failed to qualify for the Major, and are the only two members of the main roster in possession of a US visa.

Both BurNIng and Q have a significant amount of experience in LAN tournaments and on the support role, however, the two players have never supported together. Q was a support player in the successful CDEC roster a year ago and is currently iG's support. On the other hand, BurNIng is iG's current carry player but used to play support during his time on the VG roster pre-TI6.

With the group stage starting in three days, on the 3rd of December, the players and teams who will be participating in the event are slowly being set in stone. As of writing, the two upcoming Chinese teams, LGD.FY and iG.V, and the SEA direct invite, Execration, have been severely impacted by the visa issues.

Source: 178.com, iG's Twitter


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