Team Liquid are your DreamLeague Season 6 victors

Dota 2 Muhammad “TheHague” Ammar

After failing to qualify for the Boston Major, Team Liquid's 9k trio swept the finals of DreamLeague over Escape Gaming.

In perhaps their first convincing performance since the Fall Reshuffle, Team Liquid have managed to snag 90,000 bucks by winning the sixth season of DreamLeague. Facing off against them were Escape Gaming, led by player-turned-caster-turned-player Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and backed by the insane clutch support plays of Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat. Escape were definitely the underdogs going into this tournament, and no one had predicted them to reach the finals. Both the teams, however, were playing with stand-ins: Maroun 'GH' Merhej for Team Liquid and Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen for Escape Gaming. 

Let me tell you something: when you know what you need to do in the game, you don't feel any more stress.


Team Liquid faced a lot of instability following the Boston Major. They had taken Sam 'BuLba' Sosale as their support after the International, but they had to let go of him because he had not played the support role competitively for one and a half years. They then tried out GH, a Lebanese 9k MMR pubstar known for his Io and Earthshaker, who was playing his first LAN at DreamLeague. He mentioned in his post-game interview, "It's my first LAN so I'm trying my best not to disappoint." When asked how he was keeping himself relaxed on the big stage in front of the large audience, he replied, "Let me tell you something: when you know what you need to do in the game, you don't feel any more stress." 

It would be interesting to see what would remain of the rosters after the tournament, but it would be safe to say that GH perfectly fits in the playmaking 4 role that Liquid had been longing for after Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka's departure for the team. However, Trixi played consistently well throughout the tournament, too, and might permanently replace Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann as Escape's offlaner.


Do you think the two teams will stick with their rosters after the tournament?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Easily TI 7!
    • Amina "Kaliya" Kaliya ,
      not easily, but close ^^ sad we couldn't see them at Summit 6, would like to see them versus VP
  • carlson "cim.cage" maarat ,
    3 9k mmr players. W O W
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    ^ and thats why people are idiots...
    • Dawie "Didgemon" de Villiers ,
      Jeez your such a troll :/ Always talking some dumb shit... You do realize that the best teams all have very high MMR players in them right?
      • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
        dw this guy is just one of those guys who cant reach high mmr himself so he thinks the system sucks and that mmr doesn't mean anything, think about it simply, mmr measure your ability to win games, the more you win the higher your mmr is, its no accident that 90% of pro players have high mmrs, obviously there isn't a massive difference between 8k and 9k mmr but having a high mmr means you win more often than others
        • Dawie "Didgemon" de Villiers ,
          Exactly! Its not complicated.... If you have a high MMR it does'nt mean that your the best in the world or that your team will just win by default, But if you look at RTZ and MIracle they are some of the best players in the world and coincidentally are player with 9k+ MMR. Since Ramzez joined VP (The youngest 9k ever) they have been wrecking other teams
    • carlson "cim.cage" maarat ,
      I agree with Vodka, high mmr players are players that has high ability to win games. I know dota is a team game but think of it, if this high mmr players develop chemistry and teamwork then they will be a very good team with high winrate percentage.
    • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
      This @clariska, just classic. This bitch spreads shit on every gg post, saying things like a wise-ass, but all what she said, if read carefully enough, is just complete garbage. For exaple: NP lost 3 times to EG = 3 times lucky, according to this bitch's logic. I can ignore, but her shit's so stinking, so that's why I can't help shoving her shit back into her mouth where it belongs.


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