Team Secret announce new roster

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Secret made a one man change to their roster, welcoming Khezu to their team.

Following their disappointing run at the Boston Major qualifiers, Team Secret announced today, November 6, the departure of Lee 'Forev' Sang-don from the squad. He is being replaced by the former Escape Gaming offlaner, Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann, who will start his Secret career with a LAN event at the end of the next week. KheZu will make his debut with Team Secret on the 10th of November at the ROG Masters LAN event from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Team Secret roster :

Malaysia Zheng 'MidOne' Yeik Nai
South Korea Noah 'MP' Pyo
GermanyMaurice 'KheZu' Gutmann
Estonia Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov
Sweden Johan 'pieliedie' Åström

Secret’s roster change doesn’t come exactly as a surprise, however, KheZu joining them is rather unexpected. Considering the many interviews of different Escape Gaming members where they all talked about their friendship and the teamwork process to achieve a greater goal, seeing KheZu abandoning the ship is a bit disturbing for the Escape fans.

Escape didn’t make any official announcement as of yet, however, the team captain, Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen posted on twitter that the rest of team will remain together and will be ready to announce their fifth member in the near feature.

source: teamsecret.gg


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  • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
    Team Secret just got worse and Escape Gaming potentially just got stronger. Khezu was the weakest part of Escape Gaming, and will be the weakest part of Secret. On a side note, if there is anyone deserving of a top-caliber team, its Yapzor. Qoijva is a talented player, but Yapzor is head and shoulder the most skilled player on Escape.
  • David "Gizmodian" Pham ,
    Giving up an 8k+ MMR Korean dota god for some HONTRASH. Makes sense
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    felt like mid one and forev has been the saving grace for TS. Definitely a downgrade...
  • Aleksandar "shasav" dimitrov ,
    Forev was the best from TS i dont understand this but puppey always find`s good player so will see
    • Puto "putosiopao" Siopao ,
      who cares about puppey when he don't even care about his team mates? After this ROG tourney in malaysia, be ready coz we might see this 2 Asian leaving them too...
  • Nils "JoppeNille" Johansson ,
    Forev most have left the team on his own right? Nothing else makes sense. He was one of the best players in Secret and Khezu was one of the worst in Esc.
    • arvell "revy.stryker" skynative ,
      well, that seems the logical reason. Forev leave Secret and probably he'll return to MVP (I hope). there's still chance for MVP to take him as a Sub to Boston.
  • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
    You can be best solo player in the world but bad team player They know whats best for them and not us... we can just trash talk
    • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
      true that solo mmr means only that player is tryhard


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