Prodota Gaming registers for Americas open qualifiers with Valve’s approval

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

The CIS squad found a way of avoiding the clearly stacked European qualifiers for the Boston Major and will play for their chance in the Americas region brackets.

According to DotaBlast, Prodota Gaming decided to take advantage of the open qualifier rules that do not forbid a team from registering in a different region than their own. As a result, the squad signed up for the Americas open qualifiers after checking with both Valve and FACEIT. 

“We have decided to take our chances in the Americas open qualifiers. 'Open' means 'open' and nowhere is it clearly specified that changing regions is against the rules. There should be equal chances for everyone. We think the system is flawed and needs to be changed” said Prodota Gaming to DotaBlast.

Prodota roster:

Albania Ylli 'Garter' Ramadani
Slovenia Jure 'Pingvincek' Plešej
Sweden Linus 'Kefka' Bleckert
Romania Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Crăciunescu
Denmark  Malthe 'Biver' Winther

Of the four regions, the Americas regional qualifiers features the fewest teams, with only six getting an invite. This is in contrast to the European ones as they are clearly the most stacked in both numbers and big names. Also, the EU open qualifiers are stronger, with the likes of Team Empire, The Imperial, Fantastic Five, FRIENDS, and Kaipi, fighting for the two open qualifier spots in the closed regional qualifiers. With this being said, Kaipi is already in trouble, having been defeated in the round of 32 by EC3.

source: dotablast.com


Should organizers put a region restriction for open qualifiers?

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No, ' Open' means 'open'
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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    clever choice.... the NA invited qualifier teams are so bad.... i dont even want to watch the NA qualfiier games..
  • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
    Valve will have to implement written rules forbidding this in the future. If teams are willingly allowed to choose which regional qualifier they participate in, than there is no point for regional qualifiers to begin with. It is obvious the NA qualifier is not as deep as Europe. While I applaud Prodota for putting Valve in an unplanned position, it goes against the spirit of regional qualifiers. To remedy, just award more spots from Europe Qualifiers to the Fall Major.
    • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
      Absolutely right. And if Valve does restrict the open qualifiers for specific regions, they must do it ASAP or else many whiny teams would follow Prodota's lead.
    • "Booncz" ,
      I don't understand why Na'Vi/VP/Empire/Alliance/Liquid/Secret didn't do the same, they have much better chance going trough NA open+regional than EU regional...wonder how you improve the rules for the next major, since this is not the first abuse of changing regions, and it clear this system is not fair for all the teams...One thing that come to mind, is you have to play for region most of your players trained from, for the time period between "invites". That could be done just by checking IP addresses and nobody would go into trouble of trying to go around that by either not playing doto or smthng else. Other option is more expensive, but seems more fair and would fix the region imbalance, just add more wild-card slots and let the qualifiers have it out before the tournament begins...OR last option is making not only direct invites based on results (the team invites aren't two per region, they go as Volvo "pleases", based on the teams results), but also making the qualifier slots based on result. For example (mixing it with my previous idea) This time Europe would get 2 direct invites +1 wild card, and NA would get only 1 wild card, etc.
  • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
    they are not CIS squad...
  • majid "bonGer" tajeddini ,
    plz shave that beard garter before doing anything! anyway this team is great and will easily win the qualifiers hell they even had a pretty high chance in eu qualifers RIP NA!


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