September’s visa rejected for the fourth time, LGD seeks permission from Valve to use their sub

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As the time flies quickly and the teams are expected to be in Seattle by the end of this week, LGD is now forced to attend The International 6 with their coach and substitute player at the same time, Wang 'Banana' Jiao.

After two repeated US visa denials for their support player Xue 'September' Zhichuan, LGD Gaming made a post earlier this month on their Weibo page stating that “education history issues, of September” are causing trouble in getting him set for Seattle. At that time LGD also announced that they asked Perfect World and Valve to assist them with the third attempt. Unfortunately, last week September announced the third application was also denied and now an official announcement made by LGD Gaming earlier today, confirms that September will not be able to play at his first International as the fourth visa application was also rejected.

Extracts form LGD’s weibo post:

We regret to announce that team's fourth position support player, September, visa still has not went through and will be unable to represent LGD at TI6. In these hard trying times, we have sent a request to Valve to use our substitute. We have decided to use TI4's champion support - who is also our current coach - Banana to replace September. We hope that this veteran can use his experience and skill to help control the damage. The team will leave for Seattle on the 30th of July

The International 4 Champion, Wang 'Banana' Jiao joined LGD in a coach position after the disastrous run of all the Chinese teams at the Shanghai Major, and has managed to get the team on a great recovery path, with LGD being one of the six teams that got directly invited at this year’s International.

LGD Gaming roster for The International 6:

China Sun 'Agressif' Zheng
China Lu 'Maybe' Yao
China Zhang 'xiao8' Ning
China Wang 'Banana' Jiao
China Lei 'MMY' Zengrong

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source: LGD's Weibo account


Will the last minute replacement influence LGD’s performance at TI6 in a bad way?

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  • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
    It's all over for LGD. Do not expect Banana to replicate VG R.mikasa's story, banana literallly sucks
    • Kain "KainLord" Lord ,
      The fuck are you saying, Banana was one of the reasons Newbee won TI4. I am sure he still got the game sense in him, yes ofc he can't replace Sep's play style but it might be good or bad for LGD. For now you just gotta hope that LGD even attends TI6 this year, I mean I would be so sad if Director8 and Maybe will not be there. Those 2 players are so clutch worthy to watch that it would be a total disaster if they're not there. Just remember Maybe's plays last year's TI , his SF as well as Storm were amazing despite losing with the hero.
      • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
        Nah dude. Whoever won TI before doesn't necessarily mean he still has a good game sense at the moment and Banana is sadly no exception. He wasted too much time on his girlfriend as a competitive player (coach) while all the other players are training hard for the International. Mark my word and you will know soon.
        • Hao "IAM_Haoooooooooooo" Ding ,
          Your words are marked, and your idiocity will be proved
          • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
            Well I do hope you can in the end. As a chinese, I hope LGD and VGR can do well without Sep and Yang more than anyone else but truth is always brutal.
  • Shahin "RoroZoro" Dehgani ,
    Every damn year. Host TI somewhere else. "But what about the revenue for US economy?" Fuck revenue bruh, this is real life bruh.
  • bruno "bunosround" round ,
    September doesn't how to speak basic english that's why he rejected. You can play DotA while studying.
    • Kevin "Pinggu" Ziy ,
      Bro looool
    • Joseph "Sirohige" Chang ,
      Most US visa officers in China can speak Chinese, that is not an issue. September was suspected of immigration intend because of low educational level, what a reason!
      • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
        It was said September got previous education issues and the visa was rejected becuz of that. Dunno what happened exactly


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