The reign of 6.85 is over, introducing 6.86 ft. Arc Warden

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

After what seems like an endless wait for the promised 6.86 after the Frankfurt Major, Valve has finally revealed the patch notes for 6.86.

The new patch notes have been released and the Dota2 Reddit can finally stop the endless stream of 6.86 trashposts.  Included in this patch is some slight map changes, Arc Warden and new hero abilities.

There are quite a few interesting changes in this patch, among them are more aghs upgrades for heroes. A few interesting Aghs upgrade include:

Bristleback: Nasal Goo is no longer targeted, instead it applies Goo to all enemies around you in 600 AoE when casted

Kunkka: Ghost Ship now drags enemies within a 200 AoE of it towards the crash site.

A few heroes were also removed from Captains' mode following a change in their skillset, these heroes include Lone Druid and Death Prophet. Lone Durid saw his Synergy skill change for a skill known as Savage Roar which "causes enemies in a 325 AoE around you or your bear to run away with 20% movement speed bonus for 1.2/1.6/2/2.4 seconds towards their fountain.". DP on the other hand saw her Witchcraft ability replaced with Spirit Siphon, an ability that "creates a spirit link between you and the target, draining 20 + 1/1.8/2.6/3.4% Max HP per second and slowing movement speed by 6/10/14/18%."

Other interesting things to note are the new items and change to existing items, one particularly note worthy chage is a change to make the Iron Branch even more fitting of the tittle of GG branch.

Iron branch: Can now be used by targeting the ground, planting a happy little tree that lasts 20 seconds. 200 Cast Range.

Tango: Using Tangoes on Iron branch trees provides double healing duration.

(New item) Dragon Lance: An item that provides extra range on ranged heroes, increased strength and attack speed.

Read more about the patch here

Source: Dota2.com
Headline image from Dota2.com

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  • Laharl "laharl143" Overlord ,
    first BibleThump
  • Harp "Harpoon222" Geee ,
    This patch is insane. So many new stuff to experiment on: new map layout, new items, new skills on old heroes, buffed heroes, new hero, tweaks to existing items. I cant keep up. Jeez. Ggwp
  • Oscar "qcue" Barrantes ,
    That //Can now be used by targeting the ground, planting a HAPPY little tree that lasts 20 seconds.// though kappa
  • Nel "GosuGamers_user_364782" Gal ,
    RIP Huskar. That nerf. Savage! That LC Aghs though. That SF Aghs. That Pudge buff.(Pudge is back on the Scene boys.)
  • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
    branch plants tree ! jukes gonna happen anywhere on the map ? drop 1-2 trees start running in circles n juking stuff
  • Milen "Thunderbane" Ivanov ,
    Will we ever see Pit Lord in Dota 2?
  • Tdog "NecronLord23" Bestest ,
    We are more likely now to see Pit Lord in a Dota 2 pro match than Huskar lol, they nerfed him so hard. I guess so him + oracle would stop breaking the game...
  • mark "ZHmark" McAimer ,
    Plant a little tree and shackle by windranger (WP) Plant little tree and whirling death (WP) Plant little tree and timber chain to escape (WP)
  • thegioithugian "tgtg_noname" noname ,
    thank you brain dead ice frog for your noob buff/neft again. It's the time to move to better game like Mario or Contra. Bye


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