Vega Squadron: Sticking together through thick and thin

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Vega Squadron has announced on their Facebook page that there will be no changes to their roster after the Frankfurt Major.

It is a day for the fans of Vega to rejoice as Vega Squadron have announced on their Facebook page that the team will not be undergoing roster changes. Vega's Facebook page announced that "There will be NO changes in our Dota roster! We will play at Dreamhack offline finals next! ‪#‎NODISBAND‬"; fans can expect to see Vega play in the playoffs of the DreamLeague #4 LAN finals on the 26th, 27th and 28th of November.

Statment by Vega Squadron's general manager, Vanja 'HighArT' Šimunec:

 No matter how bad or good our run was at the Frankfurt Major, we did not plan to change our squad or any players after the event. Of course we expected more from this tournament, but things do not always work like you plan it. Vega will stay together, we believe in our guy's future potential, friendship and and in-game chemistry. The team has been together for less then 1 year, it is still a pretty young team, but we already have had some amazing results; we are constantly amongst the top 10 teams in the world. We will continue this performance, and I believe we will be better in the future! This Major was a big experience for some of our guys, and its definitely a plus for all of them!

Vega Squadron is expected to lock their roster for the Winter Majors when registrations start on the 22nd of November.

Vega have been playing with the same roster since the 22nd of April, participating in both TI5 and the Frankfurt Majors with the same roster. Once Vega locks their roster, they will be forced to play with the same roster until the first week of March - at that time, the roster would have been playing together for nearly eleven months.

As of writing, Fnatic are the only other team have shown an intention to not have roster changes, Khoo 'Ohaiyo' Chong Xin hinted in an  interview that Fnatic will not be undergoing roster changes. A few of the other teams who are likely to stay together for the next Majors are Mineski and Unknown.Xiu with their relatively good performance.

Source: Vega's Facebook
Headline image from Vega's Facebook


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  • Conah "SKLuMP" Taylor ,
    Stability is the core of every victorious team. The minute you stop believing in your team and have any doubts alluding to whether you'll stay with them or if you'll kick them - that's when you start losing and head on a downward spiral.
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    people who voted NO is 1k mmr 4Head MingLee EleGiggle TriHard


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