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EuroCup 1on1 Playoffs


After a long wait, the playoffs for ClanBase EuroCup are here. In the first round, we already see kickass matches such as Deadman versus FuRy, Grubby versus Ciara and the clanmates Satiinini and Rotterdam.

48 PLAYERS. NOW DOWN TO 16. The best players in Europe are closing in on the playoffs of the ClanBase EuroCup. Starting a long time ago, we will soon see this event come to an end. All playoff spots but one a ready. The match between Bulgaria Just.Shocker and Croatia 4K.Zeus is yet to be played; the winner will go up against the Polish player Poland Paladyn.

The playoffs are being played best of three in a double elimination bracket. It will continue to be online until the semi finals, where the tournament then will be held offline to be able to crown the winners there and create a spectacular event with the best players from Europe.

Netherlands 4K.Grubby vs. Denmark MYM]Ciara
Poland Prae.Paladyn vs. Bulgaria Just.Shocker
vs. Croatia 4K.Zeus
Norway 4K.Creolophus vs. Bulgaria Just.Diesel
Russia SK.Deadman vs. Sweden 4K.FuRy
Germany mTw-Protois vs. France 4K.ToD
Germany mTw-hanf vs. Sweden mouz.SaSe
Germany mouz.Spell vs. Bulgaria SK.Insomnia
Finland fnatic.Satiini vs. Netherlands fnatic.Rotterdam

The first round is between 2nd July and 12th of July. As soon as matches have been scheduled, expect GosuBets! GosuGamers will keep you informed.

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