Team Empire shake up their roster, replacing yoky with GeneRal-qw

Dota 2 Jodi “PizzaDog” Odgers

Image taken from Team Empire's website

Amidst many memes and pictures of Johan ‘N0tail-BigDaddy’ Sundstein, the Team Empire Twitter feed was lit up on the 3rd of November by the announcement that they would be announcing roster changes.

The tease was soon resolved, with the new Team Empire lineup announced four hours later. The changes see Maxim ‘yoky’ Kim departing the team, replaced by Victor ‘GeneRal-qw’ Nigrini.

Team Empire performed well in October, winning 63 percent of their games. Despite this, Empire felt that a change was necessary to take their play to the next level. yoky has put in solid showings in 6.85, with an average GPM of 529 and XPM of 524 on the patch, with a KDA ratio of 3.85. However, in the team's match against Alliance in the WCA Open Qualifiers yoky was consistently outshone by Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson, playing a major role in the Russian outfit’s downfall in the series.

Their defeat at the hands of Alliance meant that they did not qualify for the WCA event in China in December. The final series that yoky played for Empire was against Alliance once more, this time in the Starladder i-league. s4 won the mid lane again, helping Alliance to win the series 2-0. After these poor results against a top team such as Alliance, Team Empire decided to replace yoky with General-qw.

Team Empire’s roster is as follows:

Russia Aryat ‘Silent.’ Gaziev
Ukraine Victor ‘GeneRal-qw’ Nigrini
Ukraine Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok
Ukraine Ilya ‘ALOHADANCE’ Korobkin
Russia Alexsander ‘NoFear’ Churochkin

In their two series since then, Team Empire have managed to defeat SCARYFACEZZZ in a 3-0 whitewash in the CIS playoff for the upcoming Game Show GIS, and claimed a 1-1 draw against Team Alternate in the group stages of The Defense season 5. This shows that the new roster has potential, but the upcoming weeks will show with more certainty whether GeneRal-qw is the new blood that Team Empire needed to rise to prominence in Dota 2 once more.



Do you think that GeneRal-qw will be a better fit for Team Empire than yoky was?

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Thank you for voting!


  • Dương "PoDF" Hoàng Long ,
    First... for what???
  • farhad "ph03n1x" jan ,
    Well, yoky was too thick headed. He was such a good offlaner, but no he wanted to play mid! Resolution does not get owned in mid -_- Same way as yoky would not get owned in offlane
  • t "toriphy" tt ,
    Well super gets consistently outshone by the opponent's mid lane player but VG still managed to achieve the second place of Nanyang cup.
    • Andhika "skyke" Widiawan ,
      Liquid (5Jungz) and VG are two teams that I can remember that have somewhat similar setup, even when their mid is losing, they managed to pull it together as a team. I remember when Fata had 0-7 score as Razor in 1 game and still managed to get top networth.
      • t "toriphy" tt ,
        Yeah that's exactly my point.Sometimes u really need ur team to do somithing when u lost the lane badly
  • Phan "duca1pbc" Duc ,
    Idk why Yoky want mid. He was such a good offlaner back to pre-Ti5. And I think Resolution is still better than him in mid. Btw, General is a good replacement for them. He showed some good skills when play as stand-in for them post Ti5.
    • justin "justiins" CC ,
      I agree with you!! Yoky could stay in offlane, his reaction and the way how he initiate the fight is amazing. Btw this General is beast I like how he plays, I dont know why people pick Yoky over him for mid role. I hope they will show us some good dota :) gg wp
    • Sohail "GT-R" Raisi ,
      totally agreed , i dont think yoky is bad in midlaner but he was just very good in Offlane and that was that time when Empire shined most and now this lets just hope Empire will do good like they did before TI5 i personaly think they need a coach who can keep team calm when they lose
  • Ayaz "Cyclope" Masood ,
    I saw yesterday Empire game, this General guy is beast with Invoker. Such reflexes OMG. Lets see how well he can do with other heroes.
  • Dastan "INS.GG" Aubakir ,
    General is a very solid player. Happy for Empire, sad for Scaryfacezzz! Good luck to Yoky.


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