Liquid, Empire, Hellraisers and Alliance advance to D2CL playoffs

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Team Liquid, Empire, Hellraisers and Alliance progress to the playoff stages of Dota 2 Champions League as Group A and Group C complete their matches

Featuring some of the best teams in Europe the DOTA 2 champion’s league season 6 kicked off with four groups and each of the group consisting of four teams out of which two will progress to the play off stages. With the successful completion of Group A and Group C matches Team Liquid, Team Empire, Alliance and Hellraisers emerged as victors and will progress to the playoffs.

Team Liquid formerly known as 5jungz who are currently in the best form had no trouble progressing as they were able to take down both their opponents and move on towards the next stage with a 2-1 win over newteam123 and a 2-0 win against No Logic Gaming with comprehensive performances from everyone in the team.

Team Empire started their journey in D2CL with a 2-0 loss to No Logic Gaming, but that wouldn’t stop them from winning the next two games. With the arrival of yoky and nofear who replaced ubah and the_apathy, Empire were able to sweep Fantastic five 2-0. In their do or die game against No Logic Gaming they won 2-1.  

In Group C Allliance did not have the best start as they lost to PRIES gaming 2-1, but as the tournament progressed they were able to push themselves up by taking the other two games with ease. One with Monkey Freedom fighters and the crucial game in group against PRIES who they already faced earlier. Although they had issues with drafting and execution in the first game, they looked confident in the others

Hellraisers was the other team to qualify from group C. They had two comfortable wins in the group stage which directly put them to the playoffs. They played against Monkey Freedom Fighters and their CIS counterparts PRIES winning both games 2-0. It was also announced that Dread and MeTTpuM were removed from the team right after the D2CL group stage.

Next week will see the completion of games from group B and group D and the playoffs will be kicking off today with Alliance facing (monkey) Business  at 17:00 CET.

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