ESL One NY day one recap: TI5 champion down

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The first day of the ESL One NY LAN event gave way to upsets, close games and the elimination of TI5 champions, EG.

In the four games played on day one of the ESL One NY LAN event, Evil Geniuses, Virtus.Pro, Fnatic and Archon have been eliminated from the best-of-three single elimination bracket.

Secret vs Fnatic:

This matchup ended with a 2-1 score in favor of Secret, but this matchup between the top SEA team and arguably the top EU team could have went both ways. In game one of this series, Fnatic had a race against time as they were down in the early game against an enemy Spectre; through a series of well executed ganks and mistakes from Secret, Fnatic was able to even out the game at a Rosh pit fight and eventually managed to turn it. Game two on the other hand featured a very unorthodox draft from Secret, picking a Meepo and a Necrolyte. The draft caught Fnatic off guard and Secret crushed them. In game three, Fnatic's loss boiled down getting out-drafted and then outmaneuvered after losing their gem.

CDEC vs Archon:

This match ended with a 2-0 in CDEC's favor and showed why CDEC managed to take second place at TI5. In both of the games, Team Archon tried to beat CDEC with ultra aggressive early game drafts; this resulted in Archon getting an early game leads in both games. However, CDEC was able to keep calm and capitalize on Archon's mistakes in the mid game, closing the gold gap and eventually creating a lead to take the games with.

IG vs VP:

The match ended with a 2-1 with IG taking the win. The two wins secured by IG mainly comes from them being more well organized and their ability to out execute VP. In game one, IG were able to constant come out on top of fights and in game three, their communications allowed for ganks on VP's Luna despite the other four VP heroes pressure them. As for VP's one win, it came from good drafting and stalling play, allowing their Luna to farm whilst stopping IG from gaining an upper hand in farm.

Vega vs EG:

The results of this match is probably the most shocking of this tournament, with a 2-0 elimination of EG by Vega. Game one of this series was very close, with EG taking the early games lead and Vega taking the mid game lead; team fights were basically even but it was Vega who managed to win the final few team fights which secured them a lead to take the game. In game two, Vega's draft destroyed EG's draft, crushing EG in all three lanes, needless to say, Vega rode the large early game advantage to victory.

ESL One day two schedule:
October 4th, 17:00 CEST/11:00 EDT: Team Secret vs CDEC Gaming
October 4th, 20:00 CEST/ 14:00 EDT: Invictus Gaming vs Vega Squadron
October 4th, 23:00 CEST/ 17:00 EDT Grand finals

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