Empire fail to lock a five man roster for Major

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In the last day of the shuffle period Team Empire have announced their final fifth player but they can’t lock the new roster as  Andrey 'The_apathy' Aleshkov already signed up on the majors registration list with his previous team, aSpera.

As they decided to follow the trend and give a chance to new talented players, more than a week ago Team Empire welcomed to their roster uBaH, a true Russian pub star. Now they announced the addition of Andrey 'The_apathy' Aleshkov as primary player and Dmitryi 'Fervian' Rudnev as substitute.

On the official news Team Empire wrote that they delayed the announcement up to the last day when teams can lock their roster for the upcoming Major as they are "facing a problem that can't be solved".

“Unfortunately, we can not declare The_apathy to Valve's Major tournament for Team Empire, since he previously accepted the invitation on dota2.com from his former team aSpera, which he had already left. Under the rules of Vavle, player who has accepted an invitation from a team remains locked behind this team until the end of the season.”

According to Valve rules, this means that Team Empire is not eligible for a direct invite for the upcoming Major tournament, nor for an invite to the qualifiers. Their last option remaining is to give their best at the open qualifiers.

The rule applies only for the Major and Team Empire will be able to play with their new line-up in any other tournament.

Team Empire roster:

Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Ukraine Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok (c)
Russia Ivan 'ubah' Kapustin
Ukraine Ilya 'ALOHADANCE' Korobkin
Russia Andrey 'The_apathy' Aleshkov
Russia Dmitryi 'Fervian' Rudnev (Substitute)

Headline image by Tam Empire
Source: Team Empire

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