Mousesports disbands, Black^ to coach MvP.hot6

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The Mousesports organization parts ways with their DotA2 team yet again only nine weeks after they acquired Team Tinker.

The expected disband announcement from Mousesports arrived via their Facebook page today and it points to some change of careers for two of their former players.  

“We're sad to say goodbye to our Dota 2 players as well as their manager and coach [...] Each player took time after the deciding match to evaluate next steps and priorities. When the team reconvened qojqva had already chosen to step away from professional play for a time and BuLba and Black^ decided that pursuing coaching for the next few months would help them gain the insights they need for their own roads to TI 6.”

Few weeks before The International 5 qualifiers were about to start Mousesports announced their annual return into the DotA 2 professional scene by picking up the European squad Team Tinker. Right after that the team announced that they will be participating in the US TI5 qualifiers although the organization they represent is German, due to the fact that four members of the DotA 2 team are actually living in Canada.

Going as strong contenders for the US qualifiers Mousesports registered a massive fail by missing not only the main event but not even reaching the wildcard spot that would have gave them a guarantee trip to Seattle. The imminent disband announcement was expected to come right after qualifiers were over but as he stated in an interview for Gosugamers  Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier unveiled few clues for team’s plans in the upcoming future.

With Black^ nominating MvP.hot6 as a team where he has a lot of friends and with which he was actually negotiating a possible contract before he joined Team Tinker, it comes as no surprise to see him now coaching the Korean squad.

"A big thanks to mouz once again, even though this time our work wasn't as successful and long lasting as we'd hoped, the support they gave us was outstanding.” - Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier

 In a much more surprising turn of events Sam 'BuLba' Sosale became Evil Geniuses coach while it is uncertain what Johan 'pieliedie' Åström  and Peter 'Waytosexy'Nguyen  will do.

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