Dotapit S3: EG vs C9 format changed

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

Dotapit have changed the format for the grand final: it'll be a single best of five with a one game advantage for Evil Geniuses.

Dotapit Season 3 finals is around the corner, it'll take place on July 12 at 9:00 CEST. Previously the format was supposed to be two best of five series (where Cloud9 had to win both while EG only needed to win one to secure the title). This format has now been changed to a single best of five with one game advantage for Evil Geniuses, the team from the winner's bracket.

Evil Geniuses are big favorites coming in the matchup considering they are the more successful team and they also have a game advantage. They've been playing great DotA all year and it won't be a surprise if they take it 3-0. On the other hand, Cloud9 have had decent results this year, their best one being MarsTV DotA2 League, and in the past have always had a knack for taking EG down a peg when it seemed as if no one could.

The International 5 is fast approaching, therefore it is likely that the team might not use all of their strategies or might try something new even though there is a decent amount of money on the line ($126,000 for first place). 

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