Teams to play for seed before ESL One Frankfurt

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With just a month to go before ESL One, the organizers of the prestigious tournament have added a new format to further improve the quality of the matches you will be watching from Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt, Germany.

Prior to the start of the tournament on June 20, the eight teams who have qualified will be flying to Cologne to compete in a seeding bracket to determine their placement at the main event.

The seeding event will be played in a bo1 double elimination format in which the teams who are able to go further in the tournament will receive higher seeding. The initial seeding for the seeding bracket will be determined according to joinDOTA's ranking.

"After the completion of the seeding matches, the top 3 seeds will selected their opponent from the teams seeded 5 through 8. Seed 4 will face off against the unpicked team. The team seeded first will receive the first option to pick, the second team second, third team third," ESL stated on their website.

ESL One's main event will be utilizing a typical single elimination bracket that they use in all other tournaments. The quarter-finals and the semi-finals matches will be played in a best-of-three while the grand final is in best-of-five.

Therefore, the seeding and the positioning of where a team starts in the bracket could be rather important.

ESL One seeding bracket will begin on the 18th of June.

Seeding bracket


Main event

Teams participating in ESL One Frankfurt:

Europe Team Secret
Europe Cloud 9
United States Evil Geniuses
China Vici Gaming
Sweden Alliance
Russia Virtus.Pro
China Invictus Gaming
MalaysiaTeam Malaysia

Source: ESL One
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