Summer's Rift relegated to TI5 open qualifiers, eHug to replace

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As predicted, Summer's Rift has been relegated to the open qualifiers while Team eHug will be replacing them.



Summer's Rift at Red Bull Battlegrounds with stand-in ixmike88.

BananaSlamJamma alleged on stream that his team has changed a player after receiving the TI5  qualifier invite and will most likely have to go through the open qualifiers.

Despite receiving an invite to the qualifiers of The international 5, Summer Rift’s has allegedly replaced James 'Miraclechipmunk' Poguireitchik with former Complexity player DragonFist.

No specific reasons were given about the change but according to Brian 'BananaSlamJamma' Canavan on Twitch, he stated that it was not his decision to remove Poguiretchik. Canavan also claimed that Poguiretchik left the team immediately the second he heard he may be removed forcing the team to make the switch.

Although Valve has not released any official word in regards to this unofficial roster change, Valve has previously enforced their roster change ruling on Neolution International, causing them to drop out of the TI3 eastern qualifier.

“A team is selected and invited by Valve based on a pre-determined roster. Teams are not allowed to determine the 5 players themselves who will compete upon receiving the invitation.The roster change must be approved by administration."

Assuming that Summer's Rift will be relegated, they should be competing in the North American division of TI5 open qualifiers.

Alleged Summer's Rift roster:

United States Brian 'BannanaSlamJamma' Canavan
United States Braxton 'Brax' Paulson
United States Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
United States Bryant 'Whitebeard' Lehwald
Canada Dragonfist

Headline image by Red Bull

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