Red Bull - iG and Secret move on to the finals unscratched

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 07 May 2015 01:45

The second day of Red Bull Battle Grounds has started. Four teams still has lives remaining and by the end of the day it will be only two.

For those unfamilar with the format of Red Bull Battle Grounds, five teams from five regions are each taking part of the challenger phase. In a certain order, teams take turn challenging another team of their choice. Each team may reflect the challenge upon another team instead of accepting it but they may only do so once. The reflector is marked with a Linken's Sphere in the table below. A team that loses three teams are eliminated from further competition, each life are marked with an Aegis in the table below. The phase ends when only two teams remain. Those two teams will then play the finals on Sunday.

This is the second day of the phase, first day can be read about here.

Life lost to Secret Life lost to Secret Life lost to Hellraisers Reflector unused 6
Invictus Gaming
   Reflector used up vs Secret 2
Life lost to MY Life lost to iG Life lost to iG Reflector unused 5
Team Secret
   Reflector used up vs iG 2
Summer's Rift
Life lost to MY Life lost to HR Life lost to MY Reflector used up versus Secret 3

After the six matches yesterday, the second day was quite a bit shorter and the challenger phase ended with the minimum amount of total matches. Team Secret and Invictus Gaming advance to the finals without having suffered any losses and without having broken too much sweat. Both teams only played two matches each, namely their own challenges. Invictus played versus Hellraisers both games and while the first game was a very one-sided story, Hellraisers did put up some resistance in the second one by showing what an Aghanim Centaur can do. Secret played had both their challenges reflected as both Rift and iG preferred Secret facing MY. Secret drafted similar heroes both encounters and showed an all around solid team effort to ensure both victories.

Seeing those two teams move on to the finals is barely coming as a surprise for most people even if fans would have preferred the teams to lock horns with one another at least once prior to that. Worth noting is that the underdogs could have tried to play out the two favourites against one another using the reflectors. However, both Hellraisers and MY ended their run with their reflectors unused and Summer's Rift reflected Secret off to MY instead of forcing them to play Invictus Gaming.

Out of the nine matches played, MY was playing in six of them due to the nature of the format and the choices of the teams participating. Each challenge won (and life kept at the end) rewards the team with  an approximate amount of $1,900 thus already enrichening iG and Secret with $9,500 each as both teams kept all three lives and won two challenges each.

The much anticipated best of five finals between iG and Secret will be played on Sunday.


Day 1 Challenges

Challenger Challenged Winner Match link
MY Summer's Rift MY > link <
Invictus Gaming Hellraisers Invictus Gaming > link <
Hellraisers MY Hellraisers > link <
Team Secret Summer's Rift -> MY Team Secret > link <
Summer's Rift Hellraisers Hellraisers > link <
MY Summer's Rift MY > link <


Day 2 Challenges

Challenger Challenged Winner Match link
Invictus Gaming Team Secret -> Hellraisers Invictus Gaming > link <
Hellraisers MY MY > link <
Team Secret Invictus Gaming -> MY Team Secret > link <


Photos: Day 0