First Departure to continue with a new roster

Dota 2 Richard “Hibbert” Hibbert

First Departure's support player Lubby has taken to their official Facebook page to confirm that the team will live on without Poloson and Meracle and plans to continue any existing tournaments with a new roster.

The roster of First Departure have had a rough time recently. Forced to decline appearances at The Summit 2 and Dota 2 Asia Championships due to personal reasons, then announcing the departure of their offlaner Paul 'Hana' Tan to the Singaporean army on January 13th. Their frustrations came to a close by the end of the month when the team announced their decision to disband with Galvin 'Meracle' Kang Jian Wen later announcing his new team 5eva with Wilson 'poloson' Koh Chin and former-members of the Insidious Idol roster.



However two days after Meracle's announcement, Chan 'Lubby' Jun Jie took to the First Departure Facebook page to announce 'miscommunication' about the teams future and that despite Meracle and Poloson leaving, he plans to push ahead with a new roster. There's still no information on a full roster for the team, but it is expected that Teo 'Meen' Kai Sheng will be featured in the lineup. We should finally get a glimpse of the new roster in action as they prepare for their first game in the second division of the joinDota League Season 5 on February 14th.

Headline image from the First Departure Facebook page.

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