DAC Main Event Day 2 - Rave, HGT, iG and C9 survive

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Everything is on the line as the lower bracket for the DAC starts, four best of ones will be played where the loser will be eliminated. Today's lower bracket kicks off with Rave vs Hellraisers.

Main Event Day 2 schedule (CET): 

Secret vs. Vici Gaming 1-2
EG vs. Big God 2-1
Hellraisers vs. Rave 0-1
iG vs. LGD 1-0
Natus Vincere vs. HyperGloryTeam 0-1
Cloud9 vs. EHOME 1-0


Hellraisers 0:1 Rave

The first elimination match of the main event started with both teams opting for aggressive drafts with a great teamfight capabilities. Rave was the one that got the upperhand in the laning phase thanks to the great rotations from Lion (Ninboogie) and Chen (Cast), giving Storm (chrissy) and Troll (Jeyo) all the space they could possible ask for. HR tried their best to counter the aggression by using several TPs very early in the game but the trades were never in their favour and quickly lost graps of the game. This resulted in a lvl 11 Storm that controlled the tempo of the game and kept all HR on check with the vision provided by their BeastMaster (ryOyr). The pinoys cornered HR in their base and the Russian squad eventually stepped one inch further than they should, which was heavily punished by Rave by taking two entire sides of HR's base. At the 41 minute mark Dread decided to tap-out to be the first team eliminated from the main event.

Invictus Gaming 1:0 LGD Gaming

Invictus Gaming found themselves in a similar situation to The International 4, where they were eliminated in the lower bracket by LGD Gaming. They were desperate to avoid a similar defeat, and building on their previous victory in the group stages Invictus Gaming were able to secure victory to eliminate their rivals and move on to challenge Rave in the next round.

Natus Vincere 0:1 HyperGloryTeam

It was another match between the two wild card teams after meeting in the wild card qualifiers, the group stage and now an elimination in the lower bracket to finally send one of teams home. Na'Vi would have felt confident going into the match after winning the previous two matches but it was HyperGloryTeam and a stand out performance from ZSMJ on Ember Spirit saw the Chinese team secure an unexpected win to reach the next round to take on the winner from the next game.

Cloud 9 1:0 EHOME

Cloud 9 threw a surprise into the drafting process after a drafted Zeus moved into the support role to allow a last pick Venomancer take the mid lane battle against Mushi's Templar Assassin. The game started evenly, with both EE's Juggernaut and YANG's Slark securing good farm while the battle in mid seemed to have regular four man ganks from both teams as FATA's Venomancer secured an advantage over Mushi and took the tower early on. As soon as the mid game approached the kills started pouring in for both teams, with Cloud 9 securing a big advantage over their Chinese opponents and despite some resistance from EHOME, Cloud 9 were able to break into the base in 34th minute. Their mid game domination proved too much with EHOME dropping like flies to EternalEnvy's 13-0 Juggernaut, as repeated failure in team fights saw EHOME lose all their towers and the game to exit the tournament in the 38th minute.


Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 1


Round 5 - Best of 3

Round 6 - Best of 3


Best of 5

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