Team Secret wins DotaCinema's CD 2.0 3-2 over

Dota 2 Sovann “Skim” Kim

DotaCinema's Captain's Draft tournament has concluded and Team Secret takes home their first tournament title. The European mix came back from a 1-2 deficit to win 3-2 over and earned themselves roughly $97,000.

In a tense bo5 match, Team Secret has secured themselves their first tournament gold, netting about $97,000. The Europeans took down 3-2 in DotaCinema's Captain's Draft 2.0. Secret was arguably the favorite in the playoffs, but they saw themselves behind quite quickly as grabbed an early lead in the series. Despite being ahead 2-1 though, the Russians failed to take home victory in two games and are now left with only about $63,000.

Earlier today, the ARDM All-Star match took place, as commentators Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen, who is nominated for analytical caster of the year in the GosuGamers Awards, and Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten drafted their teams from a pool of fan-selected players. Players such as Arteezy, Dendi, BigDaddy-N0tail or SingSing took part, you can watch the action here.



Final standings:

1st - Europe Team Secret ~$97,000
2nd - Russia ~$63,000
3rd - Europe Team Tinker ~$41,000
4th - Ukraine Natus Vincere ~$28,000
5th - United States Evil Geniuses ~$18,000
6th - Finland 4 Anchors ~$12,000
7th - Belarus Power Rangers ~$8,000
8th - Sweden Alliance ~$5,500

Headline image by Chris Romano, found in the ESL One NY Flickr

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