Loda and Akke auctioning out spots in a charity showmatch

Dota 2 Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

Musikhjälpen, a Swedish charity event, is auctioning out spots in a showmatch on Saturday, where Loda and Bummi will go up against Akke and Dotaharen. The remaining six players will be settled through auctions.

Loda, Bummi, Akke, Dotaharen


This Saturday at 19.00 CET, Alliance teammates Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall will go up against each other alongside TV6's Dota personality Louise 'Bummi' Wahlstrand and Dota 2 streamer Annika 'Dotaharen' Aldegarmann. Remaining spots will be filled by auction winners. There are currently two auctions active at the Tradera, the Swedish version of eBay, one for Loda's team and one for Akke's. The winners will get to bring two buddies to play with him or her. Given the current team roster status of Alliance, it may or may not be a possiblity to scout for new talent (but most likely not).

Esports in Sweden is getting more and more accepted and both major entertainment enterprises as well as state run actors have been committing time and money to help the growth. The national state TV (SVT) have been co-opearting with Dreamhack for years, to show their StarCraft 2 finals on regular national television channels, which every TV endowed home can access. Another major free-access channel, TV6 have been covering The International live for two editions now as well as being involved in the DreamLeague project. Aftonbladet, the most read paper in Sweden, have their own Esport section. The content for all of above is mostly digital for now but does on occasion make it into printed and broadcasted form.

Other than the Dota 2 showmatch participation, people can also bid for a two hour StarCraft 2 coaching session with Emily 'QueenE' Krumlinde or a Ninjas in Pyjamas jersey signed by the players of the team.

Drayich, photo by TV6


Now Dota 2 has also made it into Musikhjälpen, where the content otherwise mostly consists of talk shows and live performances. Loda, Akke, Bummi, Dotaharen as well as former DotA pro-player Kim 'Drayich' Larsson will be on location as guests whereas the auction winners will play from their own homes. The match will be streamed at Drayich's channel on Twitch. Drayich himself has become a bit of a hero in the Swedish community, he is casting matches played by known Swedish players and actively building up the game for Swedish people. Despite Esports having been a hot topic for a while, there has never been any national following to speak for Dota 2 since most Swedes simply tune in to the English coverage. Lately it has been changing up a bit, with activites by TV6, Drayich and fellow caster Bogdan.

The charity event is called Musikhjälpen and is a co-operation between the state run organisations SVT (national Swedish television), SR, (national Swedish radio) as well as Radiohjälpen. The annual event consists of hosts and DJs in a glass house who will be sending live for six days without solid food to raise awareness and collect money for certain causes. This year the purpose is to fight HIV. During the six days several guests will visit them in the glass house and help fill the program, such as artists and known personalities. The location varies from year to year and this year it is Uppsala, Sweden. Last year over $3,700,000 were gathered through the event. It is an adaption of a Dutch event that begun in 2004, called Serious Request.

Auction: teammate of Akke/Dotaharen
Auction: teammate of Loda/Bummi
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