Vici Gaming takes The Summit 2 in 3:1 finals

Dota 2 “Skim”

The finals of The Summit 2 has concluded and Vici Gaming emerges victorious in a convincing 3:1 win over Cloud 9.

Prize Distribution : 

1st - China Vici Gaming - 45% of total prizepool
2nd - Europe Cloud 9 - 25% of total prizepool
3rd - Europe Team Secret - 15% of total prizepool
4th - United States Evil Geniuses - 9% of total prizepool
5th/6th - Europe Team Tinker - 3% of total prizepool
5th/6th - Peru Not Today - 3% of total prizepool


Cloud9 vs. Vici Gaming - 1:2 

Game One

Cloud9's line-up did not offer any significant counter-push against Vici Gaming's intense pushing line-up, but the Europeans managed the laning stage quite well and bOne7 grabbed a six and half minutes Blink Dagger. The rotations and the movement coming out from Vici Gaming however was always on point, rarely wasting time and always making sure to obtain objectives when possible. In addition to this, EternalEnvy got picked off at unfortunate timings and the nature of VG's line-up allowed them to punish these pick-offs immediately. 

C9 was able to hold off a few highground push attempts by Vici, but ultimately the team had no clearcut way of pushing out incoming waves of creeps and despite taking out the whole team, Vici still managed on getting most of the base. The next push attempt was too much to handle and Vici Gaming takes game one. 


Game Two

Cloud9 let IceIceIce's Broodmother through once more but seemed more prepared this time. Early rotations and Sentries made it possible to pick off the pesky spider and the overall laning stage for C9 went quite well, as every hero got a decent amount of farm. Despite Black^ getting picked off, the German had no troubles pulling ahead in farm. In the end, the midgame became very stale as both teams looked to farm up crucial items. IceIceIce was able to roam free after he took down the Tier 1 tower in the top lane and finding him became a harder job.

Despite the farm disadvantage, C9 was able to trade evenly and arguably better in teamfights, with good initiations and counter initiations. In some of the fights, PieLieDie would steal guardian angel and turn the fight. Yet, the team had no answer to the pushing potential of VG's lineup and EternalEnvy's PA remained quite squishy throughout. The defensive capabilities by Vici Gaming also proved to be too strong, with a Linken's Sphere, Repel, Guardian Angel, Nether Swap and Defeaning Blast all repelling C9's attempts to gain objective. A crucial pick-off on Envy sealed the deal and puts Vici Gaming 1 game away from the title. 


Game Three

The Axe and Phoenix lane was able to keep Fata's Puck from farming, while the other lanes traded quite evenly. Cloud 9 quickly found themselves on the bad side of things though when IceIceIce on the Axe was able to jump all of C9 heroes without repercussions. The Europeans had issues taking down the tanky Axe and teamfights usually ended in Vici Gaming's favor. The Chinese opted to go for a highground push but C9 successfully repelled them, wiping the Chinese and grabbing much needed farm on their cores. With this, EternalEnvy continued to keep up with Black^'s farm and a courier pick off prevented him from picking up a timely Skadi after Radiance. 

EternalEnvy sneaked the bottom rax before Vici Gaming attempted another midlane push. The push went sour for Vici and C9 was able to repel them once more, to capitalize on that, they opted for a push of their own but that proved a mistake as it cost a few of their lives. Without EternalEnvy, the Europeans could not defend the midlane rax, however, they were able to repel them from the bottom lane rax, especially since the creepwaves were pushing the tier 4 towers already on the Radiant side. Following a few well executed teamfights by Cloud9, Vici Gaming saw themselves pressured to take Cloud9's throne. One more sucessful defense by Cloud9 led to victory.


Game Four

Vici Gaming was able to pick off bOne7's Legion Commander multiple times early on, but C9 was able to keep VG's Tidehunter just as much in check. Things turned however when IceIceIce reached level six and was able to get two pick-offs. Black^'s Void remained uncontested and the Chinese managed to grab early map control with crucial wards and towers. EternalEnvy however kept his farm going as well, leading the networth chart. A few pick-off were also had by Cloud9 as they had a strong ganking lineup. The game went back and forth with a few exchanges that ended quite equally until one Smoke Gank from C9 went very wrong and IceIceIce found himself a 4-man Ravage, followed up by a double Chronosphere from Black^. From there on out, Vici took two lanes of rax. When Cloud9 respawned, they took a fight and lost it, resulting in the title of The Summit 2 champions going to Vici Gaming.