Cr1t and Unicornxoxo leave MeetYourMakers

Dota 2 Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott

Two players from MYM have recently announced they are leaving the team via Twitter, which leaves the team with only three players. Team mamagement will have to find replacements quickly if they want to compete in the upcoming European tournaments. 

Two players from MYM's DotA 2 tea announced via Twitter that they are leaving the team. They did not seem to impy they were retiring completely from eSports, and wished the team the best of luck in the future. The details of their decision are unclear at the moment, but comments made on Twitter indicate they will be searching for new teams either separately or together. 

The team's mid laner, Cr1t, joined MYM in February 2014, just before the TI4 European Qualifiers, and has only had a brief stint with the team.

Unicornxoxo posted a similar announcement confirming he was leaving the squad while wishing the team luck in the future. The carry player for the team, Unicornxoxo has taken breaks from DotA 2 in the past, so could be leaving the team to focus on other activities. 

With these two players gone, the future of MYM DotA 2 looks uncertain. With the Join Dota League Season 3 approaching they will have to find replacements for these key parts of their line up. MYM has had an up and down history, with a poor performance over the past year. Any further developments on roster changes and retirements can be found on the GosuGamers website.  

Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott
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