[A]dmiralbulldog: It was by pure chance I met Dendi in a pub

Dota 2 Patrick “WicSic” Ng

2p.com catches up with Alliance star [A]dmiralBulldog to talk about his debut into the competitive scene to becoming one of the most successful Dota 2 players in the world and joining an exclusive group of teams who have acheived the ultimate goal of winning the biggest prize in e-sports history, The International.

Best known for his offlane role and being part of the winning team for The International 3, [A]dmiralBulldog takes time off from his busy schedule to answer questions about his rise into competitive gaming, his reason for playing Lone Druid and his thoughts on what's happening in the scene.

You got revealed to the grand public through Natus Vincere's Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin. Can you tell us more about your meeting with Dendi?

It was by pure chance. I met him in a pub, it was during the time I was only playing lone druid (400-500 games in a row) and I played him twice in a row and he added me after this. After that, we played some pub, and later on, he asked me to stand-in for Na`Vi.

It did not take long for you to join a team as you were invited to be part of No Tidehunter. How did you end up playing for them, and what did you think of playing competitively since you only had experience with public games only?

I enjoyed it a lot! It was a new era for me. I always thought that competitive gaming was boring, it’s too control, not much freedom. You can’t fool around like in a pub, but after playing the Na`Vi stand-in games, I started to love playing competitively.

At The International, you had a stellar performance as you defeated Natus Vincere in the finals losing only three games throughout the tournament. In a few sentences, how would you summarize the team’s performance at the event? What do you have to say about your brilliant performance against the Chinese, and of course, the grand finals against Natus Vincere?

It was a team effort, we played well because every single one in our team did what they needed to do and more.

After The International, all the Chinese teams have revamped their roster. What do you think about the roster changes? Which team(s) have impressed/disappointed you the most so far?

DK and iG seems to be really strong right now. I always loved Sylar and Zhou as carry and it’s a little sad to see them not at the same level as DK and iG right now, but I think that will change. I’m a bit sad to see no Chuan as well.. :(

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