DK on top leading into WPC-ACE League Playtime #7

Dota 2 Andrew “Saebyuk” P

The WPC-ACE League continues to roll on as we move towards Playtime #7 which kicks off on the 16th of October, 10:00 CET, following a three day break from play.

DK sits on the top undefeated, with IG in second place on 18 and 15 points respectively.

This session will be all about the mid table clashes. LGD currently sits in third place, leading Vici Gaming by only one point. Similarly, TongFu trail VG by only one point, whilst only leading Rstars by one point, with trailing Rstars, also by a single point. This means that leading into the halfway point of the tournament, whilst DK and IG sit seemingly comfortable in first and second place, there are five teams fighting for the the fiercely contested third to sixth place and thus, qualification for the playoffs.

Judging from the standings and the past couple of weeks, DK should have no problem handling amateur team Cupid's Heart.

TongFu have been struggling since dropping from second place and should be looking to regain some form, taking on seventh placed RSnake who only managed to draw with Cupid last session.

The two key matches this session will be iG vs. LGD and vs. Rstars.

iG are the favourites over LGD, and rightfully so having only lost a match so far. However, it is important to note that despite the four point difference between the two teams, LGD have also only lost a single match. Of interest will be the result in the East division of D2L where LGD triumphed 2-1 over iG despite 79% of branches being bet on iG to win. A 2-0 victory here would put LGD in striking distance of second place.

The playtime will end on the 18th of October, just an approximate hour short of the playtime #8 at 13:00 CET. All the matches will be played in best-of-two and streamed live by BeyondTheSummit.


WPC-ACE League Playtime #7
Time (CEST)
16/10 10:00 China DK vs Cupid China Gosubet
16/10 13:00 China RStar vs China Gosubet
17/10 10:00 Europe vs Adidas China Gosubet
17/10 13:00 China iG vs LGD China Gosubet
18/10 10:00 China Rsnake vs TongFu China Gosubet



Current standings:

Team M W D L P
18 13 4 1 43
18 12 2 4 38
18 11 4 3 37
18 10 5 3 35
18 10 4 4 34
18 9 1 8 28
18 6 4 8 22
18 2 3 13 9
18 2 3 13 9
18 0 0 18 0
Matches and results

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