InsidiousIdol takes Neolution Gosucup Asia September

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

InsidiousIdol, a relatively unknown Singaporean team, took down huge favourite Team Impervious to win Neolution Gosucup Asia September yesterday night.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 1

Round 2 - Best of 1


InsidiousIdol was off to a rocky start, losing the first game against Impervious' impressive Timbersaw plays by stand-in Nicholas 'xFreedom' Lim. InsidiousIdol bounced back in game two by defeating Impervious's Ursa, Io and Naga Siren trilane to even up the series at 1-1. In the all-important game three, Impervious once again fell to InsidiousIdol's high burst mid-game line-up consisting of Bounty Hunter, Chen and Nyx Assassin.

InsidiousIdol will be walking away with $500 in cash prize while Impervious will take $300. Third placer Invasion-Kawanku secured themselves $200 for finishing third in the monthly tournament.

Prize pool distribution:

1. Singapore InsidiousIdol ($500)
2. Singapore Team Impervious ($300)
3. Malaysia Invasion-Kawanku ($200)

Eric “reinnnn” Khor
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