RoX.KIS win EMS 2.1 Summer Points Cup

Dota 2 Joshua “ASWAY” Ouellette


24 teams signed up for this weeks EMS One Summer Points Cup. RoX.KIS has taken down Rat In the Dark 2-1 to win this season first EMS One Points Cup.

After an impressive 2-1 victory over Rat In The Dark, RoX.KIS.Dota2 has won the first EMS One Summer Points Cup. RoX.KIS will receive $500 and 100 points while Rat In the Dark will only get 75 points. Rat In The Dark, who finished 5-8th in the last EMS One event, managed to defeat Absolute Legends, who took 4th place.

During the semi finals, Mousesports used Natus Vincere's Puppy as a stand-in but were unable to defeat RoX.KIS and were eliminated from the tournament. The last time these two teams met was during The International 3 Western Qualifiers where Mousesports beat RoX.KIS in the Loser Bracket finals and eventually went on to win the qualifiers.



EMS One Europe Points Cup #1
Russia RoX.KIS 100 points
Finland Rat In The Dark 75 points
Denmark Absolute Legends
Germany Mousesports
50 points

Sweden Keita
Europe Fnatic
Ukraine ICCup
Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee

25 points

Europe Remember The Name
France Imaginary Gaming
Germany Authentix
Poland QWERT
Ukraine Aurochs
Germany uebelst
Russia Netolic.RU

10 points


After the four cups, the top eight teams will advance to a groupstage which will eventually lead to an offline finals. The next points cup will be held on May 27th and 28th.