syndereN to build a new mTw

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 18 September 2012 20:02

Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen gets another chance at mTw. As the team which played DreamHack and The International falls apart, he is the only to remain under the mTw tag.

mTw is surprising the Dota 2 community. After admins of SLTV registered the three French mTw players Sébastien '7kingMad' Debs, Thibault 'Funzii' Calonne and Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz at StarLadder's StarSeries under the mTw tag, most thought Kebap and syndereN were out.

With the now released official statements of Kebap, who is already playing for mousesports' temporary lineup, and syndereN, this is proven to be wrong. The lineup of mTw has fallen apart. Troels Nielsen says about his former companions: "Their exact future in Dota 2 is unknown."

However, syndereN will try to build another mTw team once again. He entered the mTw team with his former colleagues of Wild Honey Badgers and built a new lineup in Spring after some unsuccessful results. In the latest composition, the team has won the DreamHack Summer at Jönköping and the online International West qualifier tournament.

Statement by Rene 'Kebap' Werner:

"I'm glad that I was part of mtw but everything good comes to an end. I would like to thank the organisation and sponsors for all the support who made this possible."

Statement by Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen:

"There has been numerous rumours floating around for quite a while now about what happened to mTw, and what the future has in store for us. The team is splitting up completely. It is a mutual desire for all players to not continue in the same team—it became increasingly apparent during the last many weeks leading to The International 2 that our team would not last because of interpersonal issues, lack of trust and focus. It is important for me to emphasise that we are NOT splitting because of disappointing results—even with a better result at TI2, our paths would still have split afterwards.

Regardless of the troubles we’ve been through during the duration of the roster and the disappointing result at The International 2, I’m still very proud of what we managed to achieve as a team which not many believed would make it far. Without any ‘superstar’ players, we managed to rise to win and get top placements in several tournaments, including our victory at DreamHack Summer 2012 and the victory in The International 2 western qualifier. I’d like to thank all of players for their dedication and desire to win, and for some awesome shared experiences along the way.

I will be building a new team under the mTw tag which will be made official when it’s ready. Kebap is currently playing with mousesports. 7ckngMad, Socks and Funzii’s exact future in Dota 2 is unknown. We'll have to wait and see what they decide to do!"

Former mTw lineup:
Denmark Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen
Germany Rene 'Kebap' Werner
France Sébastien '7kingMad' Debs
France Thibault 'Funzii' Calonne
France Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz

Source: mTw