M5.Dota disbands

Posted by Ilya "ingik" Bogatirev at 06 September 2012 19:39

Yes, once again the most controversal team in the Dota2 scene disbands. After several months of playing worse and worse, the team's disappointing results and attitude at The International 2 was the nail in the coffin.

That roster was formed in March, 2012 and it was quite promising at start. Very aggressive playstyle with lots of ganks, sometimes becoming overconfident, but that was what a lot of their followers liked. The problem was that the stability was not there. They could beat any strong opponent, but at the same time could lose to a weaker team. The reasons might be different, but a lot of professional players and commentators noticed that Moscow5 had no set roles for players. Admiration, who played solid solo-mid heroes, could play a support role in some matches and it was a disaster. Same goes for other players that mixed up their roles in game.

So, today the organization made an official statement. Here is what head manager of Moscow Five, Konstantin Pikiner said:

"What is the real team? The team that is worth being supported? First of all, gamers should respect their fans. Even for me, it's pretty wild to ask or force the players to give an interview to their own team site, not talking about organizing some activity with fans.

Secondly, it's their professionality in training. Our team had good environment for training, but they took the training session at our base as a vacation, that's why we couldn't talk about progress either in gaming or in discipline. Before TI2 we had a problem - our 2 squads needed the base to train at the same time, so we decided that M5.Dota squad will start training at the base 10 days before the tournament. But only 3 players arrived. So if players think that the tournament with $1,600,000 prize is not enough to motivate them, then I can only guess what could be enough for them to start training and winning.

Thirdly, it's a worthy result. Of course every fan wants his team to win every game, but we all know that there are days when you lose and we cannot avoid them. But you can lose differently. Being the last-4 team at The International 2 is not the worst thing. The worst thing is that our team didn't show it's character and will to win in matches. If that happens at the most important and prestigious tournament of the year which the team was training for, then what to expect next time?

Of course there were mistakes in the management process. We wont deny it. They were discussed and will never happen again. Also, we realize that it's close to impossible to gather a strong squad from russian players, but we are not afraid of the difficulties and we are ready to go down the long road of team formation. And the last, but not least, I want to apologize to the fans of M5.BenQ team for a bad result at The International 2 and for the lack of sportmanship in the match versus LGD (?)." (He might refer to the incident in a match versus DK, where Moscow5 players didn't show up)

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that MoscowFive's management asked two players to stay in team and to be the part of the new formed team. What will the squad look like in the next tournaments? Only time will tell...

Moscow Five - source