TI5 fun facts: 'Suma1l has a cheese pizza every two days"

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Disclaimer: The fun facts on this article are all taken from the official Dota2 twitter, however, the accuracy of these facts are not determined and hence should not be taken as the truth.


Kicking off this list of facts about the players and teams participating in The International 5 is a baby, more specifically, Lanm's baby. In July of this year, Lanm became a father and subsequently the first father in the Chinese Dota2 scene. Staying along the lines of babies, it seems that Fogged's "get out of jail free" card in his family is being the baby of the family.

The next fun fact concerns two former EG players, Arteezy and Mason in a dark room. According to this fun fact, Arteezy made Alex Karev his hero when he and Mason were in a dark room watching Arteezy's first ever episode Grey's Anatomy; contrary to the believes of Twitch chat, EE-sama did not enter the room.

Other than the interaction between Mason and Arteezy bringing about favorable results, there is the interactions between QO, March and Febby. These three players have been kicked out by each other while in various teams, however, they came back together for MVP.Phoenix, one of the best teams in Valve's version of SEA; perhaps salt is a key ingredient for forming a good team.

Speaking of salt, there is EG, a team who requires two things to survive, salt and cheese pizza. Salt is for PPD and cheese pizza is for Suma1l, who likes cheese pizza to the extent where he has one every two days. Another interesting fact is that in the time spent reading this segment, a NA team has probably disbanded.

It is said that the Chinese Dota2 scene has one of the most vigorous training routines in the world, with players solely focusing on the game every day. It seems that EHOME's YJ has taken this training routine to the next level, not only focusing on the game every day but also sleep talking and dreaming about Dota at night; it is hard to not wonder if these dreams of Dota are welcomed or a bane to his career. Although it is said the Chinese players train very hard, how much the training pays of can be seen, at least for CDEC's Shiki whose intense training routine might have paid off - literarily. It is said that, Shiki is a big tipper as he once gave a taxi driver a 100% tip for a $20 taxi fare. (Not understanding English might or might not have been a reason for this)

Many Dota2 players are talented in different ways, for MVP.Hot6ix's JerAx, he has the ability to touch his nose with his tongue and, for Alwayswannafly, he won a local Half-Life 1x1 tournament when he was only 7. Another player with natural talent is Vega's Mag, who has the same IQ as Einstein, a relatively high IQ.

Fun facts summery:

- Lil only watches movies when it's a matinee
- LaNm had a daughter in July of this year. The first to became a father in Chinese Dota.
- Alwayswannafly won a local Half-Life 1x1 tournament when he was only 7 years old.
- YJ sleeptalks every night, and in his dreams he is in a different game of dota each time.
- Arteezy watched his first episode of Grey's Anatomy in a dark room with Mason.  "Alex Karev" has since been his hero.
- QO, March and Febby have kicked each other out from various teams they were in before coming back together for MVP.Phoenix.
- CDEC's Shiki is a big tipper -- he once gave a $20 tip for a $20 taxi fare due to not understanding English.
- Vega's Mag has the same IQ as Einstein.
- Fogged "gets away with anything" by being the baby in his family. NotsoFunFact: nut allergy.
- Man of many talents, JerAx of MVPHot6 can touch his nose with his tongue.
- EG's Suma1l enjoys cheese pizza to the point where he has to have it every 2 days.

Source: Dota2 Twitter

Images taken from slice.seriouseats.com, Emblemsbf.com, SC2MVP's twitter, Huffingtonpost, squarespace.com

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