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Welcome to the Stats Corner for The International 3 where we examine the hero stats from a total of 158 games and illustrate them through some shiny graphs! Special thanks to Datdota.com for helping us gather the information.


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The International 3 abridged


Most loved


Picked 85/158 games (53%)

Most hated

Obsidian Devourer

Banned 116/158 games (73%)

Most wanted


Picked or banned 158/158 games (100%)

Most successful
above the median


Won 7 of 10 games (70%)

Least successful
above the median

Sand King

Won 3 of 15 games (20%)


Most picked

Visage - Visage's ability to dish out high burst damage earned him the title of one of the strongest tri-lane supports and the most picked hero. Banned 62 times and only missed in 11 games throughout the entire tournament, Visage has statistically proven itself to be a very troublesome hero to deal with and and is among the most favorited supports of The International 3.

Weaver - Not really a surprise pick but definitely with an unexpected top two finish. Weaver is a common pick by many Western and Eastern teams and is used in a variety of ways. Some teams love to run it on the safe-lane as the main carry while some prefer running it in the middle lane or off-lane. The survivability of Weaver makes it very hard and costly for opponents to kill it.

Rubick - Looking at the graph below, Rubick is the first top pick to suffer more losses than wins. Although the hero is one of the heavily favored supports and is able to contribute a lot, especially in the mid game, Rubick often uses his ultimate to steal the most powerful spells of his opponents, countering them in both pushing and defending.

Most banned and most contested

Outworld Devourer - The most-hated hero of The International 3. Outworld Devourer has been picked up 33 times in the tournament and banned a whopping 116 times, despite the arguments of the teams, pre-tournament, of how OD can actually be countered in the mid lane. It probably was a high risk to test those strategies against OD at the tournament, hence his record ban rate.

Batrider - As the only hero which has been through the drafts of all games at the tournament, Batrider raked in 111 bans in 158 games while being picked up 47 times. As it has been mentioned, Batrider is first in the most contested hero's list, with no one else coming close. Probably one of the best initiators in the game, if not the best at the moment, Batrider is a pain when it comes to countering him. All of his spells are great in their own respect, however later in the game Firefly and the Lasso are topping any other spells, providing vision for the entire team as well as segregation of the opponents.

Io - Third on the list of the most-hated heroes of The International 3 is Io, being picked up 25 times and banned 106 times, despite his recent nerf and the slump of the Chaos Knight - Io combo has been having. Io has definitely found new partners in crime at The International 3, namely Ursa and Alchemist, as we saw them together many times. Still, the Io - Chaos Knight combo did get its chance to shine in the Grand Finals, when Alliance picked it against Na`Vi and won the final game of the series.

Win rates (for heroes picked > 10 times)


Ursa - When in doubt, pick Ursa (well, not really). Although Ursa is topping the win rate list, it's because of him being picked up only in ten games and winning seven of them. Ursa is a high risk, high reward hero which on a good day is able to terrorize opponents in the early game, but if  early pressure is applied on Ursa, then as the game passes by, Ursa becomes more and more useless. Ursa's trademark is definitely an early Roshan kill.

Sand King -  If you want to win then don't pick Sand King. Sand King is leading the graph of the hero's list by lowest win rate with having only a 20% win rate in this tournament. This hero was picked in 15 games but only won three. Sand King is being picked almost always as a support, although he's also capable of going to the solo mid lane, where he's able to put on a good show. Probably the best role for him is a roaming one, even though the teams using him have failed to provide a good performance with this hero at TI 3.

Dragon Knight - Usually considered among the most stable mid lane heroes, Dragon Knight couldn't even reach a 50% win rate. The reason for his lack of success most likely lies with his 1v1 weakness pre-level six combined with all the aggressive, shut-down plays we saw against him.

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