Kel: 'We're so very happy'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 12 August 2012 18:48

iZONE's performance at the Gigabyte eSports Tournament in August gave the Philippines their sixth gold at the monthly tournament which started in February. Captain Michael 'Kel' Concepcion talks to GosuGamers in a brief interview shortly after their win over iDeal in the finals.

Hello Kel. tell me how you are feeling right now.
-"I'm so so very happy! *grins* We are electric.. At last, there is no more curse. *laughs*"

Who was the player shouting 'the curse is broken' just now during the game?
-"It was all of us *smiles*. Well, especially Ate Lein (iZONE's manager)."

Were you guys shouting in the cafe as well?
-"Yup, we're here at the iZONE125 Internet Cafe right now with our manager and sponsor. It was great."

Ah, tell us about the finals in particular.
-"There were tough moments, and iDeal.GIGABYTE is a tough opponent. By the way, we would like to congratulate them for finishing second as well, since we have the same sponsors. *smiles*"

How do you plan to celebrate your victory right now?
-"We will have dinner now - a very late dinner. *laughs*"

I would like to ask about the other Filipino teams as well. What's your experience like playing in your own country?
-"It's very hard because they know our heroes and strategy. We have our own play style but sometimes we get our strategy from the other teams as well."

What's that style like?
-"Teamplay! *smiles*"

*laughs* Alright. What do you think was the reason why iZONE was so successful this month, compared to your compatriots?
-"Our manager was always behind us supporting us and I guess this inspired us alot. I would like to give a mention to Ate Lein especially who came back to Philippines from Japan just to watch us play and represent our own country."

Thank you. Anybody you would like to thank?
-"We would like to thank our sponsors GIGABYTE, especially Mr. Danny Chang and all of our supporters. I would like to thank my teammates Harold, Earlwin, Paulo and JovenSanity for giving their best this weekend to win this tournament. Thank you my iZONE125 family.

A word from the rest of the team...

ewegest.jpgEarlwin 'Ewe' Libre: I would like to thank GIGABYTE and say hellow to Brainstorm computer shop and all of my friends out there!

haroldgest.jpgHarold 'Tata/Atong' Arcedo: Hi to my girlfriend 'tata', and thanks for the support. Hi to all Bagong Barrio and to our GIGABYTE sponsors!

paulgest.jpgPaulo 'Paul' Torrechiva: Hello to my inspiration 'POTPOT' and thank you Mr. Danny Chang and GIGABYTE!

jovengest.jpgJoven 'Jhoven' Pancho: Thank you to my team - at last we made it! Let's eat some Pandesal now.


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