DotATalk interviews SP

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 29 April 2012 07:21
SP at WCG (Photo by DotATalk)

While they have been out of the public eye from most of the recent international LAN events, SP has been a part of the silent backbone of the South East Asian DotA community. DotATalk sits down with SP's Mohiuddin 'Closer' Sajol.

Despite being under-represented in the international community, SP has held a monopoly over the DotA scene in their country, going 'undefeated from 07'-10' in Bangladesh' and representing the country twice at WCG.

Closer later shares his thoughts about a new up and coming hero in the metagame, Rubick. While admitting that 'a good Rubick player will definitely own his enemies considering the amount of damage it deals [to a team]', he went on to say that heroes like Bloodseeker and Night Stalker can counter Rubick with their silences.

Check out the short interview by DotATalk at the following link.

DotATalk - Original Interview


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