Nirvana.CN, champions of Razer Global Challenge

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 08 November 2010 08:49

Its all over folks, Razer's Global Challenge just ended with Nirvana.CN from China taking home the gold medal with a 3-1 win over NWO.

Nirvana.CN may not have much of an offline success for the year, but the RGC win is more than a compensation for the Chinese. They overcame the lags and delays of online play to emerge victorious over more than 1000 teams.

In game one, Nirvana.CN went all out with their Shadow Fiend pick on Yaphets and Medusa pick on Zhou. While KuroKy played a very good Morphling, two overfarmed carries on Nirvana.CN led to NWO's loss.

NWO equalized the score in game two by picking one of KuroKy's signature hero, Tinker. Superb timing and some nice ganks allowed KuroKy to farm his items quickly. Puppey's Chen also helped with some epic pushing power. Taking down bottom rax in less than 15 minutes game time.

Nirvana.CN took the lead once again in game three. Flawless teamwork denied NWO's chance of farming on their main carry, Spectre, played by KuroKy. Nirvana.CN's Doom Bringer went for an all out tanker build that he can easily stand his own in a team fight, leaving with just a scratch.

The Europeans was set to equalize the score once again, gaining an early game lead with a well played Viper and Storm by Piecat and Kuroky respectively. But Nirvana.CN made a comeback with their fully farmed Shadow Fiend and Necrolyte played by none other than Yaphets and Zhou respectively.

RGC Standings
ChampionsChina Nirvana.Cherry$8000 + 5 Carcharias
First Runners upEurope NWO$3000 + 5 Carcharias
Second Runners upDenmark MYM$1400 + 5 Carcharias
Third Runners upSweden youBoat$800 + 5 Carcharias

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