DreamHack Open Valencia 2017 - Day One Recap

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 14 July 2017 02:01

Day one of DreamHack Valencia 2017 has concluded, deciding two teams to proceed directly to the semi-finals of the tournament.

France Team EnVyUs vs. Spain KPI Gaming - 0-1

de_Train - 14:16 (10:5, 4:11)

The first map of the day saw local representatives KPI Gaming face Team EnVyUs, with the final result of the match-up taking a twist. The Frenchmen kicked off on the defence, where they managed to secure the first two, only to be abruptly show down in round three, as KPI took over. Three rounds fell into the Spaniards' laps, converting a 0:2 deficit into a 3:2 lead. The lead proved to be short lived, as EnVyUs got back into the driving seat, securing eight of the remaining ten rounds, conceding but two to KPI Gaming at 10:5. 

After switching sides, KPI Gaming looked scary. On the defence the Spaniards were able to consistently deflect advances from EnVyUs, with the Frenchmen securing their first round only after their underdog opponents had secure five in consecutive fashion at 10:10. With their eyes on the booty, EnVyUs managed to secure four of the ensuing five rounds, to come within two rounds of a map victory at 14:11. In an unexpected turn of events KPI Gaming were capable of securing another five round win streak despite the high-pressure situation, two rounds of which saw a post-plant situation. With their faces in their palms, Team EnVyUs accepted defeat at an extremely bitter 14:16 score line.


United States Counter Logic Gaming vs. United States NRG Esports - 1-0

de_Overpass - 16:11 (11:4, 5:7)

Next on the chopping board was the North American clash between CLG and NRG. Kicking off on the T side, Counter Logic Gaming got off to a dominant start, securing the initial three rounds of the series with little resistance. NRG were unable to retaliate on their full buy, in addition to conceding the following round, ultimately allowing their opponents a 5:0 run. Rather ironically, NRG were distinctly lacking energy on the defence, and the sporadic nature of their CT-side performance led to a disappointing 4:11 half time finish.

Having replaced their battery in the break, NRG Esports came back into the match on the T side, and very nearly recreated their opponents' five round win streak off the bat. The only exception to this was the fact that the team fell one round short, instead securing four in a row at 8:11. Despite the convincing performance, the team was unable to breach in the following four rounds, placing Counter Logic Gaming at map point with a 15:8 score. Unwilling to throw in the towel NRG kept at it, securing three rounds in consecutive fashion, two of which saw a supplement to their economy via successful bomb plants. Unfortunately for the terrorists Counter Logic Gaming came up with the answer in round 27, where the team dispatched all members of NRG, closing Overpass on a 16:11 note.


United States Misfits vs. Denmark Heroic - 0-1

de_Overpass - 8:16 (6:9, 2:7)

The second match of group A saw a regional clash between Misfits and Heroic. The Danes kicked off on the defence, where they were able to grab the pistol, followed by a second round. It must however be noted that Misfits managed to secure a bomb plant in round two, allowing the team a buy in the follow up. The North American representatives capitalised on their buy, and off the back of this success were able to produce a further two rounds to lead the scoreboard at 3:2. Heroic picked up round six in an attempt to stunt the momentum, however no such effect was had on Misfits, as the Americans continued to steamroll ahead, picking up another three in consecutive fashion at 6:3. Deciding that enough is enough, Heroic started punching in the rounds like no one's business. The Danes utterly constricted any and all advances from Misfits, up to a point where the team had accrued the final six rounds of the half, concluding it with a 9:6 lead.

Misfits were able to grab the pistol round after switching to the CT side, however the team was immediately upset by the Danes, as a force buy proved effective in securing the team a round. In addition to securing the round, Heroic also secured a bomb plant landing some extra bucks in the bank. Having swayed the momentum in their direction the Danes kept at it, doubling their opponents' score at 14:7. In a last-ditch effort Misfits managed to secure their final round of the map in round 22, a development that was immediately followed up with a two consecutive round cull by Heroic to close the map at a dominant 16:8 score line.


Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Sweden Red Reserve - 1-0

de_Inferno - 16:3 (13:2, 3:1)

The battle of Swedes saw the match-up favourites, Ninjas in Pyjamas, kick off on the offense. With a spring in their step, NiP commenced the map with a pistol round victory, followed by two additional rounds. Unable to pose a threat on their buy round, Red Reserve started spiralling into a losing streak, conceding five consecutive rounds. Finally the team was able to step up and grab two rounds for themselves, a development that was succeeded by further domination from the Ninjas, as the superior team smashed eight consecutive rounds to close out the initial half at 13:2. 

Some more of the prior from NiP in the pistol round, as the Swedes were able to outshine their countrymen on the defence. Facing a crushing loss Red Reserve opted to force buy, purchasing three Tec9s and two Deagles. On this occasion it worked out for Red Reserve, securing them their third round of the map, a round that proved to be their final. Keeping it brief, Ninjas in Pyjamas secured the final two rounds in consecutive fashion, consequently closing the map at 16:3.


Spain KPI Gaming vs. Denmark Heroic - 0-1

de_Mirage - 8:16 (6:9, 2:7)

Group A winners' match saw the local representatives start on the CT side. Two rounds were accrued, one of which saw a bomb plant from Heroic. With a bolstered early economy the Danes chose to approach KPI head on, purchasing a full set of equipment in round three. The plan worked out for Heroic, additionally it yielded positive long-term effects, as the Danes snowballed a further six rounds, leaping into the lead at 7:2. KPI showed up in the following three rounds, two of which saw Heroic secure bomb plants, however the rounds did not see an explosive end due to a timely defusal from the Spanish side. The unfortunate side-effect of this was the financial addition to the Danes who managed to once again capitalise, securing two rounds. KPI had the last laugh of the initial half, closing at 6:9. 

The second pistol round fell in favour of the Danes, this was immediately followed up with a force buy from KPI, who managed to catch their opponents off guard, in addition to ensuring the security of the following two rounds. All attempts were made by the Spaniards to get back into the match, unfortunately for them, however, the Danes had other plans. Six consecutive rounds were accrued by Heroic leading to a 16:8 closure and a semi-final placement.


United States Counter Logic Gaming vs. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas - 0-1

de_Overpass - 10:16 (3:12, 7:4)

The final map of the day would decide the second semi-finalist of the tournament. Another regional dispute, as Counter Logic Gaming faced Ninjas in Pyjamas. Making Europe proud, the Swedes secure the pistol round in addition to two more rounds. Silence from CLG on their first full buy meant further snowballing for NiP, as the team accrued rounds seemingly without end. Undisputed, Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to run away with a spectacular 8:0 lead prior to being contested by CLG. The competition was thing, as the North American representatives only managed to score three of the remaining seven, leading to a frightening 3:12 deficit for the team.

In the latter half we saw CLG get their act together and the team started closing the deficit obtained in the prior half. The pistol was successful, however a force buy from the Ninjas set the team back one round. Unfazed by the sneak attack, CLG continued securing rounds, able to secure five in consecutive nature, closing the deficit to four rounds at 9:13. The teams exchanged a round each to maintain the same deficit, except at a 10:14 score. The effort was valiant from CLG, unfortunately it proved futile in the end as Ninjas in Pyjamas closed out two rounds, securing the second semi-final placement of the day with a 16:10 victory.

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