Cloud9 victorious at iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational 2017

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

Cloud9 secure the Champions' title at the iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational 2017 after defeating OpTic Gaming 2-0 in the grand final.

Cloud9 emerge victorious once again at the iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational, retaining their second consecutive title at the tournament. On this occasion the team was able to almost flawlessly surpass their opponents, losing just a single map to Luminosity Gaming in the semi-finals of the tournament. The team secured $10,000 in prize money, along with bragging rights as consecutive champions.

Below we present Cloud9's road to the Champions' title:

Quarter-final - Cloud9 vs. Selfless Gaming - 2-0 (16-3, 16-7)

A very dominant performance from North America's finest. First off the teams clash on de_Cache, where Cloud9 barricade the map off on the defence, preventing Selfless from advancing. The stoicism of the team made for an astonishing 13:2 initial half. On the T side all that was needed were three rounds, all of which were accrued whilst conceding but a single round to the guys from Selfless. A 3-1 second half score for C9, as they switch over to the second map of the series.

The second and final map of the series saw de_Train. Cloud9 start on the T side of the map, where they are able to gradually grind a lead over their opponents. Whilst it was nothing even slightly reminiscent of the initial map's first half, it was a decent performance considering a T start. 9-6 in favour of Cloud9 prior to switching sides. The going on the CT side was much smoother for the returning champions, as they go on to secure seven rounds to one, coupled with a series victory, advancing to the semi-finals.

Semi-final - Cloud9 vs. Luminosity Gaming - 2-1 (16-5, 11-16, 16-6)

Despite conceding the only map in their tournament stint, the two that Cloud9 managed to secure during the series saw score lines strongly skewed towards the subsequent champions. The teams kicked off on de_Cobblestone, where Cloud9 manage to produce a convincing CT start. A strong defence made up for an 11-4 score at half time. After switching sides the team followed up with a 5-1 performance to close out the initial map. 

Next up was the only map the team lost during the entirety of the tournament - de_Nuke. Luminosity Gaming started on the CT side, where they were able to effectively shut down their opponents. It was quite clear that Cloud9 were uncomfortable with the pick and it was definitely reflected in the score line. LG had a 9-6 lead going into the second half of the map. On said half the Brazilians managed to outperform their Northern rivals with a 7-5 score, landing a map victory against the so far undefeated Americans.

To close it out, Cloud9 smashed on de_Overpass. The NA representatives kicked off on the CT side where they were able to dominate the score board right until half time. A 12-3 outcome was discerning to the Brazilians, who made their best attempt at coming back, however it proved impossible as we would find out later. On the T side Cloud9 accrue the much needed four rounds in their favour, not without conceding three to the Brazilians. A 16-6 outcome meant that Cloud9 would face fellow North American rivals,  OpTic Gaming, in the grand final.

Grand final - Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming - 2-0 (16-8, 22-18)

Truly a grand final, as Cloud9 landed another flawless series against a formidable opponent in the face of OpTic Gaming. The initial map was de_Cobblestone, where Cloud9 commenced on the CT side. Rounds progressively fell in favour of the tournament favourites, culminating in a 10-5 initial half. After switching sides, OpTic Gaming managed to grab three rounds, unfortunately for the team their opponents were ahead of the game in this one, counting at six rounds and consequently a first map victory. 

Next up was the first, and only map in the entirety of the tournament to see an overtime - de_Mirage. Understanding what was at stake, both teams found some focus. Initially it would be OpTic's turn to show up on the CT side, as the team grab a triple round lead on Cloud9 at 9-6. The returning champions reciprocate the score, producing a 9-6 T half of their own. With the score line equalised, overtime commenced. The first of the four saw OpTic grab a 2-1 lead, placing Cloud9 in quite the predicament. Focused as ever, Cloud9 resurge in overtime #2, as the team produce a 2-1 score of their own, to making it an overall 18-18. Overtime #3 was the pivotal point of the match, as things didn't quite go in the way of the "green wall" as they conceded three rounds in a row, with only a single round left till elimination. Overtime #4 would be the conclusive one, as Cloud9 managed to get the last round needed to be crowned champions once again.

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