Tarik takes break from pro CS:GO

CS:GO Gabriel “H3nley” Ionica

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CLG's entry fragger will be out of the pro scene until the end of his contract

It was announced today on Tarik's Twitter as well as on CLG's official Facebook page that he will be taking a break from profeessional CS:GO until 2017 as the team undergoes an internal restructuring. The Turkish entry fragger was one of the original members of CLG, having joined the team in January of 2015 along with Cutler and hazed. In recent times CLG has been on a bit of a downward slope, ending tied for last at ESL One Cologne 2016 and 4th at the Global eSports Cup. With this came the announcement that Tarik will be taking a break from perofessional CS:GO to spend time with his family as well as stream from home until the end of his contract.


Headline image courtesy of Dreamhack Flickr/Alex Maxwell



Will CLG do better after the restructuring?

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