tabseN leaving PENTA, hints at swift comeback

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Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz has announced his departure from the team with immediate effect, but has also hinted at information regarding his future.

In a long post, he has laid out his gratitude for the team and the organization, not only for their time playing together, but also for supporting his decision to leave.

I step down from the current Pentasports roster. I wish the Team and the Organisation more than the best. We as a Team had good and also bad times but at the end my decision is made. I have a bright future infront of me and I hope everything works out. More informations soon about my future/team. I want to thank everyone of my Team that they accept my decision and support me on top of that I appreciate the work with pentasports and also that they accepted/supported me in that case. Thank you everyone who supported penta and me during my time in pentasports.

tabseN has been struggling to achieve positive results with his team of late, but as a stand-in for NRG eSports he helped to bring EnVyUs to their knees with a stellar performance, so he is definitely a valuable player in the German scene.

HL source: playerslife.ru


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