Sgares leaves Cloud9

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

Cloud9 has announced that their in game leader Sean "[email protected]" Gares has decided to step down from their roster.

Recently Cloud9 has been somewhat struggling on the international scene and as a result their in game leader Sean "[email protected]" Gares has just announced that he will be stepping down from the active roster. Sean has been part of the roster ever since 2013, and this will surely have a big impact on Cloud9's remaining roster.

My time as a player for Cloud9 has brought countless memories and experiences that I'll cherish for a lifetime. Not only did I get an opportunity to travel the world doing something I love, but I was blessed to do it with all great people; people I'm proud to call my friends.

Regardless of who takes my spot, I truly wish the best for the team. I'm certain that the team's persistent hard work will pay off and that Cloud9 CS:GO will be a prominent force in 2016.

Thank you to all of my teammates, fans, and Cloud9 management for all of the love and support over the years. I will forever be grateful of this journey! - Sean's leaving announcement

The person replacing [email protected] is yet to be announced, as Cloud9 will hold open tryouts for the new fifth player.

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