The Weekly Flashback: Olofmeister the Guardian Angel

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In this week's edition of "The Weekly Flashback" we look back at what connects Olofmeister with one of the current competitive maps, de_overpass.

The association that many make between Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer and de_overpass comes from the famous boost he pulled off at DH Winter in the match between Fnatic and Team LDLC. However, even before the fateful match that led to Fnatic's forfeit, Olofmester had established an intimate connection with de_overpass and it happened at another major event.

In the semi finals of ESL One Cologne 2014 Fnatic had to meet Team Dignitas (the line-up which is today known as Team Solomid). In a very tight match Fnatic had a 1-0 lead in the maps and de_overpass was played as the second in this best-of-three series. The scoreline was 14-14 and Dignitas managed to plant the bomb on B site and set up a defense. However, Fnatic used grenades to push Dignitas off of the site momentarily, which allowed olofmeister to go straight for the defuse. This defuse wouldn't be any different from any other normal defuse if he wasn't doing it while standing in the flames. It was a matter of milliseconds for a molotov cocktail thrown by a deivce to burn olofmeister alive, but the Swedish player managed to defuse the bomb just a split second before he fell to the fire.

Video edited by Team DOGE.

This incredible play helped to win the match for Fnatic, but moreover this brave effort by olofmeister is forever memoriliaized with a small graphic on the wall near the B bombsite. In the image you can see a CT player standing in the fire while defusing the bomb. However, the most unique thing is that the CT player actually has angel wings and thus the legend of olofmeister being the Guardian Angel was created.

The story of olofmeister and de_overpass doesn't end here and we'll revisit it in the next chapter of the "Weekly Flashback".

Here is a full map between Fnatic and Team Dignitas:

You can also find a demo file and the other information about this game on the match page  link.

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