Latest update removes Fnatic boost from Overpass

CS:GO Seth “sshogun” Sawant

The most recent update from Valve to balance Overpass, most notably removing the controversial Fnatic boost, among other changes.

The update rolled out five days after the semifinal match where Fnatic used the three man boost on bomb site A to beat LDLC in the semifinals, an exploit considered by many to break the map. As a Easter egg, a sign is now underneath the the boost spot on the map that tells players not to go over the railing.

Other changes to de_overpass include removing the stairs into A pit and replacing it with a ledge, adding more visual indications of the bomb plant zones and extending the A bomb plant trigger. Minor adjustments were also made to de_nuke, such as changing floor materials in ramp room and the B site and fixing sound bugs. Operation Vanguard maps Season, Facade, and Backalley also received minor bug fixes.


Image courtesy of FREIHH