New update features Operation Vanguard

CS:GO Ayuka “a_shuchu” Boldyrev

Operation Vanguard, which is planned to run through till February 10, brings Campaigns - a new way to achieve rewards. Each Campaign consists of a several missions, completing which a player gets a drop of new Vanguard case drop or a weapon of an existing collection. Completing series of missions within a campaign allows players to earn Challenge Stars and upgrade their Operation Challenge Coin. It is also possible to track key stats of competetive matchmaking during the Operation and compete with friends via a shared scoreboard.

The new weapon collection features 14 top-rated community weapon skins which are now available through opening Operation Cases.

Arms Race mode is now significantly reworked. Firstly, three maps from Demolition exclusively are now available in Arms Race as well. Secondly, the weapons order is now partially randomised and restricted to the weapon classes. Moreover, progressing to the next level of weapon is available by getting two kills with primary weapon, scoring kill with a knife or fragging the opposing team scoreleader. More information about the new Arms Race mode can be found at the official guide released along with the update. 

You can also get a quick look at new weapons and maps at the official page of the Operation.

Skin gallery: Reddit

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