ESL One Cologne live blog: Day 1

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

The Day 1 of ESL One Cologne has come to a close with twelwe matches played in total, three in each group. Four teams already got eliminated while, one from each group. The tournament continues tomorrow with Winner's and Consolidation matches of all groups.

Group A schedule for Day 2:
09.30 CEST-  Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Epsilon - BO1 - Winner's Match
10.45 CEST-  HellRaisers vs Loser of NiP/Epsilon - BO1 - Consodilation Match

Group B schedule for Day 2:
12.15 CEST-  Team LDLC vs Natus Vincere - BO1 - Winner's Match
13.30 CEST-  CPH Wolves vs Loser of LDLC/Na'Vi - BO1 - Consodilation Match

Group C schedule for Day 2:
14.45 CEST- vs fnatic - BO1 - Winner's Match
16.15 CEST-  iBUYPOWER vs Loser of VP/fnatic - BO1 - Consodilation Match

Group D schedule for Day 2:
17.30 CEST-  Team Dignitas vs Cloud9 - BO1 - Winner's Match
18.45 CEST-  Titan vs Loser of Dignitas/Cloud9 - BO1 - Consodilation Match

Group D

Team Dignitas vs VOX EMINOR - de_dust2

In the first match of group D, Dignitas won over VOX EMINOR at de_dust2. VOX EMINOR showed a decent resistance, however it wasn't enough for an upset in this group. The first half went into Dignitas favor with 9-6 where they played at CT side, while the final score was 16-9.

Titan vs Cloud9 - de_dust2

Definitely the best match of day one. Titan started on T side where Cloud9 managed to win the pistol round, but the first half was dominated by the French team as expected since they were on the more favored side of de_dust2. In the second half, Titan had five match points, but Cloud9 made a nice comeback in some situations where they were two or three against five defending the planted bomb. Overtime were a heartbreaking. In the first half of the first overtime Cloud9 had 2-1 by just repeating the same stuff of the last five rounds of the regular time, where they successfully defended bomb although Titan had more man power alive. After the first over time it was 3-3, so they went for the second one. This time Titan was at T, while Cloud9 were at CT side. Cloud9 played perfectly and they won the second overtime with 4-0.

Titan vs VOX EMINOR - de_nuke - Loser's Match

If Titan made some mistakes in the match against Cloud9, they executed everything perfectly against VOX EMINOR. Game was played at de_nuke, where the French team got first CT side and won 14-1 the first half. In the end it was 16-1.

Group C vs dAT Team - de_overpass

The defending champions of IEM Katowice were the favorites in this duel. They opened the match by winning the pistol and the round after, but dAT team then showed why they got among the participating teams in this event. They won five rounds in a row before the Polish team could actually stop them. On the half time had 9-6 lead and they just closed the match safely into their favor with the score of 16-7.

iBUYPOWER vs fnatic - de_cobblestone

Fnatic started this match in a great fashion by winning a pistol round and a round after, however iBUYPOWER have woke up then and showed their talent. The NA squad won five consecutive rounds before fnatic managed to take back one. In the end of first half the Swedes had a lead of 9-6 where the best players were olofmeister and swag, both with 20 kills. In the end Fnatic took the win same as olofmeister over swag in the killing race where the first one have collected 29 while the second one had 26.

iBUYPOWER vs dAT Team - de_cobblestone - Loser's Match

Three rounds in each half were allowed to dAT Team by iBUYPOWER in this match. The NA squad started at CT side by winnin two entry rounds when dAT team striked back with two rounds in their favor making it draw, but then iBUYPOWER led by swag easily made 12-3 in the first half and 16-6 at the end.

Group B

Team LDLC vs London Conspiracy - de_nuke

London Conspiracy were counted as one of the underdog teams in this group, but they didn't managed to pull any upset in their first match against Team LDLC. The French team have perfectly played as CT, which is more favored side on de_nuke. In the first half LC took only two rounds which in the end turned out to be the final score for them.

Natus Vincere vs Copenhagen Wolves - de_inferno

CPH Wolves had a hard task by taking on one of the best CS:GO LAN teams, Natus Vincere. On de_inferno Na'Vi kicked off at CT side where they made a lead of 4-0. In the first pistol round, CPH Wolves planted bomb on A, but starix and Edward did a nice retake and they also managed to defuse the bomb. Half time score was 12-3 in Na'Vi's favor.

Copenhagen Wolves vs London Conspiracy - de_cache - Loser's Match

In the Loser's match of the group B CPH Wolves took on London Conspiracy. Map de_cache was chosen out of the pool and Wolves started at CT side. LC managed to win the pistol round by one of their players surviving with 1 hp. Wolves striked back in eco round, but then both teams exchanged a few rounds until the Danish team didn't pull out the big guns such as auto ops and took the first half with 11-4. In the second half everything went perfect for CPH Wolves, where they won a pistol round and five out of six played rounds.

Group A

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Wolf - de_dust2

Team Wolf, one of the underdogs of this tournament, had to meet one of the best teams in the world in their first match in Cologne. The match started really well for Wolf, they won a pistol round on CT side and a round after. However, NiP had enough for a buy since the bomb was planted and the Swedes then turned the flow of this duel into their favor, slowly closing first half with the score of 11-4. The start of second half had the same scenario as the first one, where Wolf won first two rounds, but although NiP were eco they still managed to deny Wolf from taking third consecutive round and prevent any bigger upsets.

Epsilon vs HellRaisers - de_inferno

Epsilon made this match totally one sided, denying HellRaisers throughout all rounds and allowing them to take only one round in total. Everything started with the first pistol round where HellRaisers executed well rush on A site and had 3vs1 situation. However, shox denied bomb plant and killed 2 opponents which was in the end enough to win that round since time has ran out. After that, the Frenchs have dictated tempo of this match and have perfectly executed all the strategies they had planned for this duel.

Team Wolf vs HellRaisers - de_mirage - Loser's Match

After the disappointing start of group phases for HellRaisers they were looking for a better performance in the match against Team Wolf. Team Wolf have proved that they are masters of pistol rounds. Match was opened with HR on CT and Wolf on T side. The bomb got planted on A site and HellRaisers cleaned up all Terorrists but there was not enough time for a defusal and the pistol round went to Team Wolf. Wolf had a lead of 3-0 when everything started to falling apart for them in this match. HellRaisers won first half with 11-4 and then they just slowly brought this match to a close and Team Wolf's participation at ESL One. Team Wolf is the first eliminated team from this event.

Group A schedule for Day 1:
09.00 CEST-  Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Wolf - BO1
09.00 CEST-  HellRaisers vs Epsilon - BO1

10.00 CEST-  HellRaisers vs Team Wolf - BO1 - Loser's Match

Group B schedule for Day 1:
12.00 CEST-  Team LDLC vs London Conspiracy - BO1
12.00 CEST-  CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere - BO1

13.00 CEST-  London Conspiracy vs CPH Wolves - BO1 - Loser's Match

Group C schedule for Day 1:
15.00 CEST- vs dAT Team - BO1
15.00 CEST-  iBUYPOWER vs fnatic - BO1

16.00 CEST-  iBUYPOWER vs dAT Team - BO1 - Loser's Match

Group D schedule for Day 1:
18.00 CEST-  Team Dignitas vs VOX EMINOR - BO1
18.00 CEST-  Titan vs Cloud9 - BO1

19.00 CEST-  VOX EMINOR vs Titan - BO1 - Loser's Match


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